100 Things About Alison

100th Post

 For those that have endured the 99 posts of mindless drivel that I’ve defiled the internet with, here’s one more to mark my 100th post.Ahem…100 things about ME. Because, as you know, it is all about me.My mama taught me well.

  1. I was born in Caribou, Maine in November 1976.
  2. I’ve lived in eight states: Maine, California, Florida, Missouri, Hawaii, Arizona, Maryland, Georgia and Virginia.
  3. I worked at McDonald’s for most of my high school years and have never eaten a Big Mac.
  4. I HATE HATE HATE having my feet touched, which is too bad because I desperately need a pedicure.
  5. In the past 8 years, I’ve only worn a dress one time.
  6. I wear reading glasses; I cannot look at a computer screen without them.
  7. I think avocados taste like dirt.
  8. I’ll eat just about any vegetable, except for radishes.
  9. I got married two months before I turned 20, Craig was 25; I was much too young to get married.
  10. We got married in my mother-in-law’s living room. Not exactly ideal and looking back I would have done things differently, but even so, I never wanted the white dress, big reception, church wedding experience. I don’t like being the center of attention.
  11. I am not adventurous. At all. I will never jump out of an airplane, traverse a canyon or repel from a building.
  12. I love that Craig is in the Army. You can’t beat the job security and benefits.
  13. The thought of him retiring gives me hives. And indigestion.
  14. I am addicted to talk radio.
  15. I never watch television during the day.
  16. I like lemon in my water.
  17. I’d eat like a rabbit all day every day if I could have a huge slice of cake or a big brownie (no nuts!) every night.
  18. I love going to the gym. Exercise makes me truly happy.
  19. I eat my breakfast and lunch standing up at the kitchen counter while I listen to the radio. I do the same for dinner, unless Craig is home and we all sit at the table together.
  20. I could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day of my life and never grow tired of it.
  21. I’m the oldest of two girls; my sister, Laura, is six and a half years younger than me.
  22. I didn’t know what biscuits and gravy were until I moved to Florida. I wish I never learned. Shudder!
  23. I hate clutter. I cannot think straight if the house is messy.
  24. I will NEVER go camping. NEVER!
  25. My car is always dirty on the outside, but neat and tidy on the inside.
  26. I empty the dishwasher every night. I cannot go to sleep unless it has been done.
  27. I have an unhealthy love for diet soda. It’s how I get through the day.
  28. I adore fresh fruit, especially oranges, bananas, berries and melon.
  29. I worry all the time. Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. However, I do not worry about global warming. If it really were that big of a deal, Al Gore would get rid of his private jet and huge, energy sucking house.
  30. I am a Christian, saved by the grace of God, but I haven’t been to church in a long time.
  31. Sometimes I think church is dumb.
  32. I do not think God is dumb.
  33. I have a very eclectic mix of music on my ipod: Linkin Park, Chevelle, Pink, Chris Tomlin, Nine Inch Nails, Flo Rida, Christina Aguilera, Casting Crowns, Toby Mac, Fergie, etc.
  34. I think “I Will Rise” by Chris Tomlin is one of the most beautiful songs ever.
  35. I cannot dance.
  36. I can, however, recognize and move to the beat of the music. My biggest aerobics class pet peeve is when the participants, and even the instructor, cannot stay on beat. It’s distracting.
  37. I do not like talking on the phone.
  38. After I had Caroline, my feet grew. For a short chick (barely 5’4) I have big feet (size 9).
  39. Growing up, I wanted a lot of kids.
  40. After I got married I wanted none.
  41. We now have one, with no intention of having more.
  42. I often feel guilty for opting to have an only.
  43. Caroline’s delivery was the only time I’ve ever been in the hospital. We were in and out in under 24 hours.
  44. I had back labor and unashamedly took the epidural when offered.
  45. Breastfeeding was the best weight loss tool EVER.
  46. I love “baby shower” cake. White or yellow cake from the bakery.
  47. I despise whipped cream frosting. Butter cream all the way, baby.
  48. I used to drink coffee in the mornings, but lost my taste for it. I drink hot tea now. UPDATE: I’ve reestablished my love for coffee, but I still drink tea first thing in the morning.
  49. I’m like Joey Tribbiani, I love sandwiches.
  50. After a PB&J, my favorite sandwich is a grilled cheese with tomatoes on sourdough.
  51. Chocolate makes me happy; chocolate covered cherries do not.
  52. Growing up we put up our Christmas tree after my mom’s birthday (Dec 10th) now I put it up the day after Thanksgiving.
  53. I took Accutane twice. The second time is the charm because I haven’t broken out since I stopped taking it in March.
  54. I shower, wash my hair, put on clean clothes and apply makeup every day. Even when I’m sick.
  55. I hate unmade beds.
  56. I don’t watch any scripted television shows anymore. I watch a few reality shows, but mostly the news.
  57. I love to bake.
  58. I taught myself to cook with the help of Sara Moulton and her “Cooking Live” show on the Food Network.
  59. I cook most things from scratch, with a few exceptions. Caroline would revolt if I didn’t buy Easy Mac.
  60. I’d love to go to pastry school someday and become a bread baker.
  61. I kill all plants.
  62. I love to read mysteries.
  63. I’m a no nonsense type of person. I have little patience for drama. Thankfully Caroline is the same way. She has a friend who brings the drama and it takes all that is within me not to shake her.
  64. I never honk my horn when I’m driving. I hate when people honk at me for not moving 0.0003 seconds after the light turns green.
  65. I ‘m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.
  66. I am an introvert. I need to be alone to recharge.
  67. I call Caroline “kid.”
  68. I do not use mushy pet names, much to Craig’s displeasure. I pretty much only call him Craig, unless he’s been particularly bad and then I’ll break out the “Roger Craig.”
  69. I’d like to travel to Europe one day; I have no desire to visit Asia.
  70. Hydrangeas and gerbera daisies are my favorite flowers.
  71. I think it’s strange when grown women have fan girl crushes on celebrities.
  72. Acts of service is my love language.
  73. I do not like to fly, especially over water. For some reason the idea of crashing and burning on land is far more appealing to me than landing in the deep dark water.
  74. I love rainy days.
  75. I’m competitive, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s very internal.
  76. Running has become a recent hobby of mine; if only my body would hold up to the demands I’m putting on it.
  77. Once I ate all the cookie dough chunks out of a carton of ice cream and threw away the vanilla ice cream part. In one sitting. Not one of my proudest moments.
  78. I have a strange affection for the commercials Tim Allen does for Michigan. I find his narration very comforting.
  79. I’m a very patient person. I rarely complain if the line is too long or the service too slow.
  80. I almost never use my cell phone; I also do not text.
  81. I’ve been to 27 states. It’ll be 28 after our trip to Hershey, PA in August. *edited to add* We drove through Delaware, as well, so make that 29.
  82. I hope that Craig gets stationed in Hawaii next. If not, we’d both like to go to San Antonio, TX.
  83. I do not like to write, which makes me wonder why I started a blog. Well, it’s not that I don’t like to….it just doesn’t come easy.
  84. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people. I think about others often, I just never do anything about it.
  85. I wore braces for two years and nine months.
  86. I left my retainer on the airplane we flew in when we moved from CA to FL.
  87. I saw Keri Russell, who was on the Mickey Mouse Club, after we landed at the Orlando Airport. She was in the bathroom and she was wearing her MMC jacket.
  88. I do not like overhead lighting.
  89. I floss every day.
  90. I do not like to cuddle. I need lots of personal space. (on a side note, I don’t really like the word “cuddle”)
  91. I am not overly emotional. I usually only cry if I’m mad or deeply hurt.
  92. I tan very easily, even though I liberally apply sunscreen.
  93. I am a homebody.
  94. I sway back and forth when I blow dry my hair. I guess I don’t like to stand still.
  95. I am terrified of snakes.
  96. I do not wear jewelry, not even my wedding ring. Craig doesn’t wear one either; he lost it in Kuwait and we never replaced it.
  97. I’m not a romantic or a dreamer. I have very realistic expectations.
  98. Before Caroline came along, Craig and I went to the movies atleast once a week. I’ve been to the theater four times since she was born.
  99. I do not drink alcohol and don’t have any desire to start. Although, after a particularly stressful day, I’ve been known to say “I really should start drinking…..”
  100. I have a major vomit phobia. I have not thrown up since August 4, 1991. Thankfully Caroline and Craig aren’t prone to vomiting either.

And there you have it.

100 things about me that you probably could have lived your whole lives without knowing.



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