Am I going to be one of THOSE mothers?

You know, the ones who get offended when their child doesn’t get the grade they think their precious baby deserves?

Believe me, as much as I love my kid and think she’s great, I’m also fully and often painfully aware of her faults. In seven years, I’ve spent five days away from her. Her faults are permanently etched in my brain.

But really, I think she deserved an “O” grade on her Tooth Fairy story and picture. She got a “G” which is a perfectly acceptable grade, but some other kids got an “O” and a few of them cannot write intelligibly. She can….AND she included a sentence in the form of a question and used the question mark properly. And that’s “G” work? Come on, now.

I understand the “G” when she added instead of subtracted. That’s easy to see.
But she used a question mark. That has to count for something. Right?
Please note that I am being facetious.

The only reason I know that some of the kids cannot write intelligibly is because I stuff the Thursday Folders and get to see their work first hand. I try not to be that type of parent who compares her kid to others. That is unhealthy for everyone. Besides, I haven’t the time….I’m too busy comparing myself to others. There aren’t enough hours in the day or room in my brain for anymore comparisons. I surely won’t mention this to Caroline, I want her to be proud of her work and just do her best.

And yet, I’m still slightly bothered.
Not bothered enough to say anything. That would be childish and totally unnecessary.
Instead, I’ll just stew about it internally and then blab it on my blog.


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