Thursday Thirteen

These short weeks (thanks to our snow day) always throw me off. It surely doesn’t feel like Thursday yet.
Today’s Thursday Thirteen focuses on my shortcomings. I cannot, in good conscience, extol my virtues all the time. That would be disingenuous. I’d hate to mislead my reader(s). The fact is, it’s far easier for me to think of things I can’t do. Afterall, I’m all about keeping it real.

Thirteen things I’m terrible at (besides not ending a sentence with a preposition).

  1. Subtraction
  2. Keeping fish alive
  3. Keeping plants alive
  4. Cooking beef
  5. Remembering my license plate number
  6. Speaking intelligibly in public
  7. Thinking positively
  8. Applying eye shadow attractively
  9. Folding fitted sheets neatly (can anyone do that?)
  10. Understanding science fiction
  11. Keeping myself from disrespectfully rolling my eyes all the way back into my head every time VP Joe Biden opens his mouth
  12. Making sure all the components of dinner are finished at the same time. Our veggies are ALWAYS cold.
  13. Remembering to bring my camera on outings

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