Things that make you go huh!?

As I have clearly and regularly documented, the neighborhood kids play me like a fiddle. My house is their personal playground to use and abuse. Their powers of persuasion are prize worthy. The other afternoon I hid down stairs while they had their way with the middle floor of the house, playing Legos, conducting a gymnastics competition and most likely ransacking our pantry. When I came out of hiding I found all sorts of crazy things. Of course by that time, they were all outside and couldn’t explain any of this.

One of the gymnastics team names, perhaps? There is also a pink sign on the opposite wall that says “breast cancer” on it. Huh?!? The oldest girl in the bunch, she’s 10, did these. I’m assuming they were trying to raise imaginary money or something during their gymnastics event. Those kids are always trying to make money.

At first I thought this was tin foil wadded up.

Upon closer inspection, it’s a pop tart wrapper. I told you they raided the pantry.

The scattered Legos of bare footed doom.

Ever stepped on a Lego? It hurts. So do marbles.

And then I found this:

Somewhere, somehow they found a long piece of plastic ( from some sort of wrapper) and thought, hey, let’s tie one end to the upstairs railing and the other to a basket.
Sure, why not? Makes perfect sense.
They dropped stuffed animals in it and also put their Lego creations in it. Until the basket started to break. That’s when I stepped in untied the basket, singlehandedly ruining all their fun. I somehow manage to let them run like wild freaks, but once they start messing with MY stuff, I get ugly.
Post basket removeal, the plastic still hung there for a few days (what’s up with all this procrastination?) and this morning after I came home from the gym I found this:

I promise you, the kid has toys.

She would much rather play with rope, plastic and coat hangers. And pillows and blankets.

I’ve known this about her forever, which means I have no explaination for all the junk she has in her room that pretty much goes untouched.

Of all the things I found this week, the one that made me laugh the most was this:

Caroline wanted SO BADLY to pack her suitcase for our trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

In August!

I told her it was a bit too early to pack, but she just HAD to get her hands on that suitcase. I finally convinced her that while she doesn’t need her summer clothes right now, she will need them in June and July, therefore packing now would be a bit premature. “But can’t we just pack a few things that I won’t wear in June and July?” she asked earnestly.

She’s going to be an early bird like her dad and a planner like her mom.


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