I remember only giving birth to ONE

What do you think? Does it look like Caroline is an only child?

I KNOW Caroline only has ONE head, but I found three helmets. And three scooters. And three pairs of shoes. And a blue boy’s bike that doesn’t belong to us. Thank goodness it’s warm today, because you wouldn’t believe the pile of jackets that accumulates in our front entry way. This is just a small sampling. We’ve been known to have more like seven pairs of shoes strewn across the floor. I just didn’t think to take a picture until most of the kids were outside enjoying the beautiful weather we’re having.

It seems like I have lots of kids here on weekends and after school, but, quite thankfully, they do go home.


And then it doesn’t seem so bad.

We get the taste of a large family, with all the chaos and fun, minus the permanent 18+ year committment.

And regretfully, without the extra tax deductions.

While I OFTEN whine and complain, I really am thankful that my friendly, extroverted only child has lots of kids to play with.

Good and bad, this is truly an answered prayer.


One response

  1. This is hilarious! I’ve sooo been there.Also, I do love your wallpapered boxes.We went to Mt. Dora today. Next time we’re going to ride the train that goes from there to Tavares and back. Woo! Living large in Florida!


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