Am I the only one

Who HATES this “spring forward” nonsense?

Don’t get me wrong, I like spring. I like pretty flowers and pleasant temperatures.
I like that the kids aren’t cooped up inside. They play hard and get dirty and best of all, the house stays quiet.
I like it all.

With one BIG exception.

I HATE that it stays light for so long. Evidently, I’m a vampire. When I was a teenager and worked at night, my mom called me a vampire. I’d retreat to my room during the day and only go out at night. To sell Big Macs and french fries. Not to suck anyone’s blood or anything weird or inappropriate like that.

These days I’m too old to go out at night, but I still LOVE dark time.
It’s cozy.

I like for it to be dark or at least darkish when we eat dinner. It facilitates in the winding down process.
I don’t like winding down for the day when it’s still light outside.

How many times do you think I can use the word “like” in this post?

Extra daylight hours also encourages the kids to stay out later. I’m all for play, and it’s alright on Fridays and Saturdays, but it’s hard to reel your kid, who could literally play all day, in at 6:45 on Sunday night to get ready for bath, bed and school the next day.
That’s guaranteed whining. And cries of “no fair” “just a few more minutes” and “but whhhhhhyyyyy?”

When I was a kid, my mom made sure we were always in bed early. Especially on Friday nights. She’d shove me in bed as fast as she could so she wouldn’t miss a second of “Dallas.”

She needed a DVR.

When I was really little, I remember going to bed at 7pm, in daylight, as kids were out playing beneath my window. She didn’t seem to care that I was missing out. Because her mom made her go to bed at 7 too. That’s mom logic for you.

Maybe this is why I’m harboring such hate for late sunsets. See, it really is my mom’s fault!

I visited Seattle a few years ago during the summer. We went to dinner rather late and when we left the restaurant around 10:30 pm it was still light outside.
That’s just not right.

Thanks to this spring forward annoyance, I’ve lost my spring. My boing. My get up and go.
I’m tired and all discombobulated. More so than usual.
I was bright eyed until midnight last night. No good when the alarm rings at 6:30am.
My eyes were less than excited about opening this morning.

Thanks time change.

And thanks also to my mad tea box reading skills. Evidently the tea that I drank last night has caffeine in it. I didn’t think it did. I really, really thought it was caffeine free. I don’t know where I got that idea. Cuz I was wrong.

On an unrelated note, I have a hair victory to share.
And as we all know, good hair is just as important as a good night of sleep.

I’ve been having trouble getting my hair to not flip out in the back. Flipped out hair looked ok with my previous very layered hair style, but with this new bob, it just looks bad. Because I don’t have three hands and eyes in the back of my head (shh, don’t tell Caroline that) I cannot properly operate the hair dryer and my big roller brush all the while getting the ends to cooperate.
Yesterday, in desperation, I pulled out my flat iron and Holy Heck, it worked. My hair has never looked so sleek and not flipped out where it shouldn’t be. Of course, I’m frying my hair with that thing, BUT, I can get a deep conditioning treatment to fix that.

Yay for a hair praise!
Almost makes up for the fact that I’m a fuzzy minded mess.
Earlier I was talking on the phone while putting ingredients in the bread machine for pizza dough. During my chatterboxing I somehow picked the wrong setting, but I don’t know which one. Now I have to keep an eye on my dough so the machine doesn’t start baking it and turn it into bread.
I want pizza dough, not bread.

My brain may be encased in a head of shiny sleek hair, but well, I guess the saying is true. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Or a brain by it’s head that is sporting a fabulously unflippy hair style.



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