A bulleted post of randomness

As I was running at the gym this morning, trying my best to think the time away, I tried to come up with a post idea for this afternoon. It seems like some days I have tons to say and other days I can’t extract even the smallest interesting tidbit from my life to blog about. The truth is, I do have things to say, but they’re random and certainly not very interesting.
And when I have a mixture of random thoughts swirling around this brain of mine, I pull out the bullet post.

  • A few days ago I praised my flat iron for smooth, non flippy hair. While I’m still quite satisfied with the status of my hair, I learned a very important flat iron operating rule. Pay attention, or you might burn your ear. Tuesday morning I got my ear with the searing hot plates. It obviously didn’t hurt much because I didn’t think much of it. I’m sort of flighty and just kind of forgot about it. That evening I felt my ear and was very puzzled by what I felt. And then I forgot about it again. Evidently I’m easily distracted. Last night Craig noticed it, asked me what happened and I told him the truth: “I don’t know.” He was the one that figured out that it was the flat iron. It makes perfect sense, but I’m so used to injuring myself, forgetting about it and then wondering what happened, that I just didn’t try hard enough to put two and two together. I’m really not an air head. I just have a short attention span. I have a three inch scar on the top of my left hand and I seriously do not know how it happened.
  • Thanks to President Obama and the “let’s change our country’s name to the United Socialist States of America” congress, Craig is getting an extra $34 in his paycheck this pay period. I’m sure this will come back to bite us when we do taxes next year. As much as I enjoy extra money (who doesn’t?) I’m so disheartened by the ridiculously excessive, dishonest, and irresponsible spending the President has urged in the name of economic stimulation. $34 does not make up for the 9,000 earmarks in the omnibus bill he signed into law yesterday. $34 isn’t going to make it easier for small businesses to stay afloat. It’s going to be a LONG four years.
  • I noticed today that Caroline’s teeth looked a little less streaked. I can still see the white spots, but they looked less noticeable today. I bought her a spin brush. Maybe that’s helping.
  • I had lunch with Caroline and her class today. I do that at least once a week, sometimes twice. But no more than that. It’s always an experience. Loud, obnoxious, messy and did I mention, LOUD. The second graders were on a field trip today so the cafeteria was noticeably quieter. I appreciated that. Today’s highlights included Caroline dumping her cheese on the floor and Imrran singing me a song about poop. Yesterday I cleaned up water (I forgot to tighten the top of Caroline’s water bottle), fetched ketchup for Chloe and silverware for Sam and listened to Imrran tell me about his dad’s gun cabinet and the rocket launcher he has at work. That Imrran is a character. I missed talking to Timmy, my favorite pint-sized hockey fan. He usually has some interesting Washington Capitals stat to share with me, but he was as at a different table today.
  • I had split pea soup for lunch! I happen to love the stuff, but Craig, who must have had a terrible childhood experience with it, does not. I buy a can every now and then because making it at home yields 8 gallons of the stuff. While economical, I couldn’t possibly eat through that much soup in a timely manner, without risking falling out of love with it or breaking my 17 year vomit free streak.

Wow, that really was random. Burned ear lobes, clean teeth, taxes, poop songs and pea soup.

Much like a salad bar, you get a little bit of everything here at the Neurotic Housewife.


2 responses

  1. You are your mother’s daughter…That last line made me laugh.Oh, and I’ve been biting my tongue all morning but I can’t hold back any longer. You misspelled Thursday as Thirsday. It’s making me a little bit insane. Or insaner than usual.


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