Confession Time

I ate tortilla chips and salsa and baked sweet potato fries for dinner last night.

And then I had chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.

Healthy and well rounded? Uh, no.
Tasty? Oh, yes.

Craig worked late last night so I didn’t make any dinner plans. I had intended on warming up some lentil soup, but I grabbed the chip bag for just a *few*.
And well, you can pretty much guess what happened.

I ate lots of chips. LOTS.

The salsa was just really good and I couldn’t help myself.

After all those chips, lentil soup didn’t carry the same appeal it had earlier in the day.

The sweet potatoes were roasting away in the oven and I just couldn’t let them go to waste. I set some aside for Caroline and then ate up the rest.
I suppose I shouldn’t chastise myself too much as I did get a hearty dose of Vitamin A.

Craig won’t be home for dinner again this evening and dag flabbit (/Robby Ray on Hannah Montana) I’m going to eat lentil soup for dinner.

Maybe I should hide the tortilla chips.
Just in case.


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