I’m very thankful to say that my life has not been rife with trial and tribulation.
I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’ve lived a charmed life; I’ve dealt with a sprinkling of hardship.
Of course, most of that hardship was probably self imposed. I’ve perfected the art of questioning myself, over analysis of my choices, regret and self loathing.
Neurotic? Oh yes ma’am.
Self imposed or dropped from the heavens, struggle isn’t rampant in my life, but certainly not foreign either.

The same goes for sacrifice.
I am a mother after all.

Moms sacrifice it all.
Perfect body shape in pregnancy.
Dignity in the delivery room.
Sleep, sanity, free time and the right to pee in private from birth day forward.

Moms are resilient.
And really quite deserving of more than one measly day per year to celebrate and honor our great sacrifice.

I’m starting to wander.
Despite this lengthy intro, today’s sacrifice, which inspired this uplifting post, wasn’t about motherhood at all.

I was faced with a decision that I normally try very hard to avoid.
I have two bottles of diet coke left and three days before I plan to go grocery shopping. I usually make sure I have enough, but chose to stretch out the time between big shopping trips by a few days. I am most definitely not a fan of the Ft. Belvoir commissary and try to go as so seldom as possible.

Fully aware of my situation, I knew that I *had* to give up one day of caffeinated, carbonated bliss.
Today was the day.
It’s kind of cold outside and I’m not feeling particularly stressed out, so this seemed like the day to forgo my beloved bottle of addicting cancer causing chemicals.
I realize that I *could* buy more soda before I make my trip to the commissary on Sunday, but, you see, I’m cheaper than I am addicted.
The commissary is the only place I can get a good deal on the stuff.
I’d rather do without than spend more money than I should on stuff that I probably shouldn’t be drinking anyway.
I probably wouldn’t make a good drug addict. Too practical.

Fiscal responsibility is truly the driving force behind today’s great diet coke sacrifice.

Before you say anything, I realize that I *could* choose the smartest, healthiest option and give the stuff up altogether.
Uh, no.
We’ll talk about that another time.

In lieu of my daily diet coke, I chose to drink I couple of cups of green tea.
The benefits of green tea are admirable.
And believe me, I need to do as many admirable things as I possibly can to reverse the damage I’ve done by defiling my body with this unbreakable diet soda habit.

The only problem I have is that I don’t LOVE green tea.
As I was telling my mom yesterday, it’s earthy.
And by earthy, I mean it sort of tastes like dirt.
I feel the same way about black eyed peas and avocados.

However, I bought a sample pack of green tea last week (for $1!) and discovered, quite happily, that I do sort of like a few of the flavors. It’s the plain stuff that tastes so dirty earthy.

So here I am today, voluntarily sacrificing my one true vice.
And no, chocolate doesn’t count. It’s more than a vice; it’s a staple. I could no more deny chocolate than I could a member of my family.
You simply cannot refute the power of antioxidants.

I hope you have been both encouraged and uplifted by this account of a girl and her simple beverage sacrifice.
It’s my wish that this story will offer hope to others as they face similar choices in their lives.

I need a life.


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