The Best Blog Ever

No, not my blog.
I’m far too humble (and realistic) to ever suggest such a thing.

I’m talking about this blog.
It’s awesome.
Snarky, funny, clever.
Guaranteed to be the highlight of a conservative’s day.

I certainly don’t want to make this blog politically tinged. Sure I’ve made a few flippant comments, but that was just me being a bit of a smart aleck.
I’m much more suited to journal style blogging. A written look into my day, laced with sarcasm, self deprecation and a whole lot of whine.
With that being said, it’s really no secret that I’m a Rush Limbaugh loving conservative.
It’s my mom’s fault. Really.
And Craig thanks her every day!
He’s not exactly a tree hugging liberal, but let’s just say that I’m much more, ahem, passionate about politics than he is.

I tried to abandon my conservative thinking a few years ago.
I was tired of the war, the wreckage, the possibility of losing people close to me or my fellow military wives and the unrelenting bickering in Washington.
Dare I say I wanted a change?
That word seriously sends a shiver down my spine these days.
And not in a good way.
Definitely not like Chris Matthews, who gets “thrill down his leg” whenever President Obama speaks.

I attempted to adopt a more progressive way of thinking.
It failed.
And I’m back, embracing the conservative roots planted in me many years ago.

Agree or disagree.
It’s all OK with me.

Whatever the case, if you fancy snarky humor and love a good laugh, please check out this blog written by President Obama’s teleprompter.



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