No, You’re In The Right Place

Do you need time to adjust your eyes to the brightness that is my new background?

In celebration of the first day of spring, I thought I’d take the time to brighten and freshen things up.
Blog spring cleaning.

I noticed some daffodils peaking out of my neighbor’s yard yesterday.
Maybe spring IS coming?
47 degree temperatures aside.

I’m eager to see some green on the trees.
Sometimes I like the look of bare trees; they remind me of winter themed folk art pictures.
But once the newness of winter wears off, my outlook changes. Suddenly they just look sad.

I want happy trees.

I hope you like the new background.
I had trouble picking one.
Too many choices. Too indecisive.

Happy Spring!


One response

  1. I love it!Got some Gloria Vanderbuilt crop pants (gray and white floral and a dark green) at Beall’s Outlet today and something else that I already forgot. Oh yeah, a $4 pair of shorts that I didn’t try on but are waaaaay too tight but I’m not returning.Then I took some clothes up to the Key Center in honor of spring cleaning-out-my-closet.Funny how the thrill of getting a bargain fades so fast.Oh well…..


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