Post Script(s)

I forgot that I wanted to mention two things.

First, I misspoke (mistyped?).
Craig doesn’t have five pairs of running shoes.
He has seven (!).
While searching for Caroline’s basketball and pump in Craig’s trunk last night (he’s had them in there since we left Georgia in July), I stumbled upon two more pairs. They’re headed for running shoe heaven, otherwise known as the garbage, but still, seven. SEVEN!

And they say chicks like shoes.

Of course I say that with the slightest bit of hesitation because I happen to own a rather large assortment of flip flops. However, it’s hard to compare 2/$5 Old Navy flip flops with $100+ running shoes.
But how can I deny him running shoes? He’s already denied so much.
And they do serve a healthful purpose.

Second, I forgot to mention that along with all the marriage proposals I’ve received, I’m also being added to people’s wills. And onto the payroll of some of the contractor companies within Craig’s organization.
I might never need a job! (Although, I could use a grammar/sentence writing lesson or two)

Who knew that my ability to read a recipe would serve me so well?


2 responses

  1. Amen!See, everyone should think like us.Now that would make the world A-OK.I don’t think there is anything wrong with showing your legs or arms (above the elbow). Thanks to Michelle My Belle, bare arms are totally in. And you know how I want to emulate her.Tasteful is one thing. Modesty in the self righteous legalistic sense is something completely different.(She says self righteously…you taught me well)


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