Rainy Day

It was chilly, cloudy and rainy today.

You could easily figure that out by looking out the window, but I thought I’d show you what our house looks like when it rains.
When Caroline is stuck inside without a playmate, this is what happens.

The pile of blankets and pillows is surprisingly tame. It’s usually a little higher and packed with more pillows. I guess she didn’t feel like trekking up and down the stairs too much, gathering stuff for her ginormous pile.

Caroline has been stacking up pillows and blankets for years. I used to joke that I was only going to buy her pillows for Christmas and her birthday because it’s the only thing she plays with on a regular basis. It’s good fun.

Until clean up time.

Guess who gets that privilege?

I’m awarded folding duty. But Caroline does help put them back.

The last picture is of the ramp she set up to send the Happy Meal toy airplane she got at the Air and Space Museum (yep, they have McDonald’s in their food court….a $23 lunch!) down the wooden board.

Who needs the Wii or Nintendo DS when you can play with a Happy Meal toy and some blankets?



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