Thursday Thirteen

The Things I Don’t “Get” Edition

Here is a list of thirteen things that try as I might, just don’t “get.”

  1. The artist formerly currently known as Prince
  2. Jane Austen’s books (I’ve read some and they’re good and all, but I just don’t “get” the obsession. Do I need to have my girl card revoked?)
  3. 80’s hair band power ballads
  4. dogs treated like children
  5. this haircut
  6. modern furniture
  7. the raw food diet
  8. excessive texting
  9. social networking sites (I’ve tried, I’ve really tried, but it’s just not for me)
  10. wearing skirts only
  11. drug free childbirth
  12. poetry
  13. Jello with antioxidants (It’s Jello! It’s not supposed to have any nutritive qualities. If you’re lacking vitamins A and E, take a multivitamin, don’t rely on Jello)

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