Yo, what up homies?

No, this is not my Saturday greeting to you.

These are, in fact, the words that came out of my seven year old’s mouth.

When did she become a gangsta? Wait, do gangstas say “what up homies?”
It is gangsta, not gangster, right?
I’m confused.
I don’t think I’ve ever met a gangsta.
However, I do know that Al Capone was a gangster. I’m sure he didn’t say, “yo, what up homies?

Who says this?

Certainly not seven year old girls who live in the suburbs.
Not a seven year old girl who watches Hannah Montana.
Not a seven year old girl that sits in the backseat of the family station wagon, listening intently to the talk radio station her mom tunes in to.

I’m quite certain that she picked this up from one of the boys in our neighborhood.
Those naughty eight year olds!

Thankfully she didn’t randomly yell this to someone we don’t know. Although, at first I wasn’t so sure. I called her in for dinner and the next thing I know she’s on the deck hollering “yo, what up homies?”
Shocked, I said, “Caroline is there a reason you’re yelling that so loudly for the entire neighborhood to hear?” She said, “I was just saying it to Bailey and Julie.”

At least it was directed playfully at her friends, albeit loud and mildly inappropriate.

It’s amusing and horrifying all at the same time.


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