I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas for blog posts, but my brain feels awfully fuzzy.
I have some thoughts; I’m just lacking focus.

So instead of over working this sad brain of mine, I took a few pictures of the blooming trees in front of our house and some daffodils that have poked through the flower beds in our neighbor’s yard.
Admittedly, they’re not very good photos.
I’m a novice. A sucky novice. A sucky novice with a terrible camera.
Regardless of the inept camera operator, daffodils are undeniably cheery.
At our former stomping grounds, Fort Gordon, Georgia, there was a grassy median dividing the highway in front of the main gate.
In the spring, daffodils covered the entire grassy area.
So pretty!
So while I try to refocus and affix my attention on the quality blog posts you’re so used to, I’ll post these pictures.
You know, maybe my brain feels fuzzy because whatever is blooming on the trees kicks my allergies into full gear?
As soon as I came in from snapping the pictures, I started sneezing.
As pretty as spring can be, the havoc it is wreaking on my sinuses is anything but pretty.


2 responses

  1. Well, yo homie. What up?Lovely daffodils. That yo homies still cracks me up. It reminds me of your “The schedules aren’t up–what a bummer” when you were 6.My baby said “What a bummer!”Awwwww….And that’s all that’s new. Sad, huh?


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