Resurrection Eggs

Since I live in a hole and unless we’re talking reality television, politics or food, I’m not current on many issues.
Living in Alison’s Land of Oblivion has it’s merits, however, it has prevented me from knowing about resurrection eggs.

While perusing my favorite blogs this afternoon, I happened upon this post from Heather about her homemade version of resurrection eggs.

I happen to have a whole bag of plastic eggs bought on clearance last year and am eager to give this a try.

I might not be the most regular church attender, but I certainly want to do my best to teach Caroline about Easter’s true focus.
She knows it, but I hope that soon she’ll really understand.

Easter isn’t just about ham, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Ooh, jelly beans!

I like jelly beans.
And, I just remembered that I bought a bag yesterday when shopping for Caroline’s Easter basket goodies.
They’re in my trunk. I should go fish them out.

They probably don’t appreciate being shoved in a bag with some purple Wal Mart crocs and a water gun. I try to limit the amount of candy in the basket, so I end up filling it with other things sidewalk chalk and stickers.
Cavities or clutter?
Not sure which is worse.

Actually, I don’t necessarily limit the candy for Caroline’s sake. Her will power is fine.
I’m the one with the problem.

Now I’m off to make dinner rescue a bag of speckled jelly bird eggs from the depths of my trunk.



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