Hanging My Head In Shame

Bitten ever so slightly by the spring cleaning bug, I bought some new storage containers for my surplus toiletries yesterday.
I’ve gotten into the habit of buying things on sale with coupons and storing them away in the linen closet.

As I reorganized yesterday, I started to feel just a little ashamed by the size of my stash.
It’s quite large.
And a tad bit excessive.

I paid very little for each item, and these are things we’ll definitely use, but I think I need to step away from the coupons.

What do you think?

Here are some overhead shots to see the depth of my obsession collection.

9 bottles of shampoo and conditioner
3 bottles of kid shampoo
9 bottles of assorted hair products
3 bottles of body wash
5 things of lotion
5 cans of shaving cream
17 deodorants
7 face washes/scrubs
14 bars of soap
3 boxes of band aids (Spongebob!)
8 toothbrushes
11 tubes of toothpaste
I think this needs to be repeated: Alison, step away from the coupons.
Seriously, I’m so bothered by this.
I found some great deals, but it’s quite evident that my ability to resist a good deal, even when I don’t need it, needs improvement.
I guess the bright side is that we’ll always have clean and styled hair, moisturized skin, sparkling teeth and we won’t smell.
For years.

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