Monday Mania

Nah, not really.

I just couldn’t think of a title.

I’m happy to report that everyone managed to stay upright, refrained from letting their faces come into contact with any hard or sharp surface and kept their teeth inside their mouths today.
Woot woot.

Forgive me for that. I actually hate woot wooting, but it just sort of happened. That’s what you get when your fingers work faster than your brain.

Speaking of the words “that’s what you get” Caroline’s friends have Rockband for their Wii. She spent some time over there last week playing with them, both singing and playing the instruments. One night she came home singing “The Eye of the Tiger” and some other song with lyrics that say “that’s what you get when you let your heart win.” For the life of me, I cannot figure out what song that is. Nevertheless, I find this all very comical. She’s such an outgoing girl, but is surprisingly shy in the singing in front of people department. However, this Rockband thing has loosened her up a bit.
This all reminds me of an episode of “Who’s the Boss” way way back where this little boy with a bowl haircut, who was visiting Tony, sang “The Eye of the Tiger.” Totally adorable.

Caroline is invited to a sleepover this evening.
She’s had great luck sleeping at other people’s houses so I’m confident that she’ll come home with her remaining teeth in tact. And hopefully the rest of her body parts, as well.

Craig is at work, fighting the bad guys sitting at his computer and gearing up for the NCAA basketball final tonight so he won’t be able to enjoy the kid free zone for a few more hours.
I, on the other hand, will enjoy this welcomed quiet time all evening long. Caroline is happily partying away at Jordyn’s, about 25 feet from our house. Thanks to the close proximity of townhouse developments, I can see Jordyn’s house from my kitchen window. I don’t think we’d survive living in a secluded area. Well, if Caroline weren’t around we would, but she just needs people. Military housing and closely spaced townhouses suit her very well.

Yesterday I blogged about how I felt overcome by some sort of peace concerning this mouth issue. Peace is a foreign feeling to me. A fleeting, momentary feeling at that. Not even thirty minutes after hitting “enter” and posting my blog, I was back to my old self. Fretting and worrying. Neurotic and anxious.

Evidently the effects of tension tamer tea are short lived.

Ack, this is very disjointed.

And now it’s time to unload the dishwasher.
Living it up while the kid is gone!



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