Flat Stanley Visits Washington DC

Hi everyone, I’m Flat Stanley.

My friend and host for Spring Break, Caroline, colored and decorated me to look like a Colonial soldier. I think she did an excellent job!

I was excited to spend the entire week with Caroline and her parents. They kept me busy, including two slumber parties, bike riding, roller skating and a 9pm trip to the dentist on a Saturday night. Boy, that was fun! With all the excitement we had this week, the day that sticks out most in my mind, and the one I remember mostly fondly, is the day we visited Washington, DC.

We left Caroline’s house around 10 am and headed to the Metro Station, ready for a day of learning about our nation’s history.

Here I am in the back seat. Caroline’s mom tried to buckle me in for safety, but I’m just too flat. Don’t worry, Caroline’s dad is an excellent driver; we arrived safely.

Here is a picture of me and Caroline before we took off on our journey.

The first stop on our adventure was to the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station.

Here I am holding my ticket.

The Metro was noisy and VERY crowded, so I found that riding in Caroline’s mom’s purse was the perfect spot for me. I did peek my head out occasionally to see what was going on. I didn’t want to miss a single thing on our DC adventure.

Once we arrived in Washington, DC, at the Smithsonian Metro exit, we enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine while walking to the Air and Space Museum.

Here I am reading about lunar landings.

By this time we were all really hungry, so we visited the museum’s food court.

They have McDonalds!

That was a good lunch!

When our bellies were full, we went outside again and started walking toward the U.S. Capitol Building. On the way there we saw a cat being walked on a leash! Too bad Caroline’s mom forgot to take a picture.

Pardon our squinting; the sun was shining really brightly that day.

Perhaps Caroline should have drawn some sunglasses on me.

After visiting the outside of the Capitol, watching a flock of seagulls and enjoying the lovely weather, we started walking again, hoping to see the cherry blossoms.
We sure did a lot of walking that day. Caroline’s dad used Google Map and estimated that we walked 5.3 miles! Well, I didn’t walk much, I was happily riding in Caroline’s mom’s purse, but I know Caroline and her family kept their feet moving an awful lot. I appreciated being carried and I only got a little bit wrinkled, thankfully.

The cherry blossom trees were so beautiful.

Here’s a picture of me sitting on one of the branches.

We also saw the Tulip Garden. Tulips were blooming all throughout the Mall area, in such vibrant colors. I liked the red/orange ones the best, but here I am next to some purple tulips. Caroline’s mom had to take this picture fast. The wind was blowing and they were afraid I might fly away. Strong wind is a huge hazard when you’re flat.

Our next stop was the Jefferson Memorial.

After visiting the memorial and reading Thomas Jefferson’s wise words that were carved into the Memorial’s walls, we sat on the steps for a bit and listened to some music. The Cherry Blossom festival was still happening and there were many vendors in the area selling Cherry Blossom Festival merchandise.

From the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, you can see the Washington Monument so clearly.

After a quick rest we started walking again. This time we walked across the Arlington bridge to get to the Arlington Metro station. From there, we reboarded the Metro, and enjoyed the ride home. Because Caroline and I behaved so well on our visit to DC and didn’t complain at all about the walking, her parents treated us to some ice cream. I love ice cream!

Caroline’s mom left the camera in the car, but I had a double scoop of mint chocolate chip. My favorite!

I really enjoyed my time with Caroline and her family. We had a fun visit to Washington, DC and I’m so happy to share our day with you all.

Thanks for listening!


Flat Stanley



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