Thursday Thirteen: Photo Edition

For lack of a better idea, I thought I’d dig up some pictures of Little Caroline. There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane!
All of these pictures were taken the year she turned two, when we lived in Maryland.

Having snack at the mall. We went early on Saturday mornings during the colder weather to let her run around before the stores opened. As I recall (and I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to block this out), Caroline wasn’t fond of leaving the mall. And believe me, she was sure to let her feelings be known. Loudly.

Picking flowers on a breezy spring morning.

“Smiling” for the camera.

Deep thoughts.

Playing with string.

The cutest elephant ever.

Happy to be going trick-or-treating for the first time.


On a pile of hay at a pumpkin patch.

She may look sweet……

I LOVED these pants. Yipes, stripes, fruit stripes gum.

Waiting for a carriage ride at our community Christmas party.

I miss those early years sometimes.
When they look so sweet and cute it’s easy to forget the torture character building they put you through.


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