Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

I’ve never even seen “The Life of Brian” but I remember hearing Eric Idle sing this song once on the Daily Show and I never forgot it. I particularly remember Jon Stewart bobbing his head and whistling along in sheer delight; it was such a funny and endearing moment.

I find it peculiar that have a hard time remembering if I wore a matching pair of shoes to the gym, yet I remember something I saw on television years ago. Go figure.

So, the bright side is that we don’t have to pay the entire $790 the dentist charged for our Saturday night visit to his office. That’s good. Very good.

The not so bright side is that our dental insurance doesn’t cover the splinting the dentist did to help Caroline’s teeth reattach to the bone. Obviously an important procedure.

Guess what “important” costs these days?

$478 (!)


Now, in all honesty, knowing that this is an imperative step in the reconstruction of Caroline’s mouth, I would pay triple the amount. The thought of spending that much money on teeth is somewhat sickening, but I’m still so very thankful that the dentist was able to help Caroline.

It’s all about perspective.

And, if anything, this is serving as an important (and expensive) lesson in safe games to play inside the house.

Can you believe that I STILL have to remind Caroline and her friends to slow down, stop slipping, stop running on the hardwood floors? You’d think they’d get it. Or maybe I’m just hyper-paranoid?

Monday we find out if the splinting worked and if Caroline will need root canals.

Oh yay!

Just what every seven year old (and her obsessive, worry wart mother) wants.

It has taken me two hours to put this post together. First I had to figure out how to embed the youtube video, which took way longer than I’d care to admit. I also had to tend to Caroline and the brigade of rug rats infiltrating our home. Bailey and Seth stayed here while their mom went to the gym. So, I made dinner. Then Rachel and Jordyn joined us. For sunflower seeds (the already shelled kind), the kid’s new favorite thing to eat….through a straw. Guess how many sunflower seeds are on my floor? Would you care to wager a guess as to how a pile of sunflower seeds ended up in Bailey’s shoe? Her brother, Seth, swears he didn’t do it. But I’m not so sure. He’s such a little brother!

I broke up about 38 fights, threatened to throw Seth in the dungeon twice, cleaned up sunflower seeds and water from the baths they gave their Webkinz and heard (and tried unsuccessfully to block out) lots of grumbling from beneath the tent they engineered.

“Stop, you’re making the tent fall.”

“Stop kicking me”

“Stop stomping your feet.”

“Mooooove, you’re in my way.”

“You’re ruining everything.”

And my personal favorite…..

“Eww, who farted?”

Such a charming life I have.

And now I’m off to help to help Caroline with her bath, all the while, whistling and remembering the words of the great Eric Idle, “life’s a piece of (bleep….this is a family blog, afterall) when you look at it.”

Just purse your lips and whistle!


One response

  1. That’s hilariously horrifying! (As is raising kids)Don’t talk to Dad about $$ for dental bills–his is in the thousands lately! Sunflower seeds through straws…interesting. My fondest memories includes blue food coloring in the mayonaisse and the Barbie waterslide in the kitchen ala Laura and Kelly.


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