I’m sure all three of my readers are tired of my tales of Caroline’s tooth woes, but well, I’ve got nothing else.

We went back to the dentist this afternoon for a follow up. The tooth that was broken is just fine, but the tooth that took the brunt of the force from the fall is *better* but still in need of some attention.
Attention of the root canal kind.


This wasn’t exactly unexpected, but we were hoping for some sort of miracle.
The tooth is also still a little mobile, which worries me, but the dentist assured me that it should firm back up once the root canal is performed.

The bright side (I promise, no more Monty Python videos, as my mom claimed it was “horrible.” It’s Monty Python, it’s supposed to be horrible. That’s the charm of it all.) is that she needs only ONE root canal.

Somehow that seems so much more manageable.

Her dentist gave us the name of a child friendly endodontist, and we already have an appointment set up for next Wednesday.
Caroline is a little apprehensive, quite understandably, but her dentist assured her that the endodontist doesn’t want her to tell her friends he did a bad job, so he’ll make sure everything goes alright. That seemed to comfort her, for which I’m truly thankful.

Caroline is a stoic kid; she doesn’t show tons of emotion, unless of course, we tell her it’s time to come in for the evening when other kids are still playing out side. Cue the water works.
She doesn’t get her feelings hurt very easily and doesn’t seem to worry much at all. This is so completely foreign to me, but I find her strength quite fascinating. And admirable.

The element of the unknown concerns her, but she is so not neurotic. She’s not crippled by fear;
I find that truly fascinating.

Maybe this is proof that she leads a pretty charmed life?
She’s loved, cared for, smart and lots of friends. No need to worry.

But wait…I was loved, cared for, smart and had lots of friends. Go figure?

How could someone so hopelessly flawed create someone so normal?
I’m not sure Craig’s normal-ness could possibly out weigh my neurotic tendencies.
This is just further evidence that Caroline was created by a truly merciful God; she should get down on her knees daily and thank him profusely for turning out so normal.

All I know is that Craig is so, so, SO relieved that Caroline isn’t neurotic like me. Two of me?!? THAT would be way too much for him to handle….a job way above his pay grade.

Whatever the case, when Caroline does show concern or worry, it just breaks my cold black heart. I told her that I’m the mom and therefore have been put on this earth to worry for her; she should just relax and enjoy being a kid.

Now, if only I weren’t so transparent. Kids are smart enough to catch on and that is why I’m so thankful that her dentist was able to calm any fears she had.

Yay for highly trained professionals!

So, that’s the Tooth Saga part XVIII.
Stay tuned for more as we approach root canal day.

I’m sure you’re all on the edges of your seats.

Edited to add: The dentist let the “B” word slip this afternoon.
I’m not surprised.


One response

  1. Thank you for offering to worry for me, I will totally take you up on it. Take it all, neurotic one and get me through this. Thank God Charlie is calm and collected most of the time. When I was freaking out today, he told me to blog about it and get all my bloggy friends in on it. I did and you saw the response. So many verses and encouraging words that helped me out. I’m not saying I won’t freak out again in the next week, but today I am good.You had friends. I was there and I witnessed it all. And we all needed braces, but aren’t we glad we had them? I am. I love my straight smile. I was actually jealous of your teeth…they were so even and mine are shaped funny. See the things we think about? It’s a wonder we’re half normal.


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