Spilling water on your modem is not a good idea.
It was bound to happen; although we figured Craig would be the spiller. He is extra thirsty and has been dubbed the King of Multiple Cups, and spills them upstairs often. But that’s only on the carpet. Wet carpet isn’t fun for the feet, but does not cause damage of the technologic kind.

This spillage was all my doing. I had to one up Craig.
And when I one up, I go big.

He dampens the carpet. I break things.

We have one of those bundle packages through our cable company: cable, internet, phone.

When you spill water on your modem, not only are you prevented from connecting to the internet, but you can’t use your phone either.
So, when you call the cable company (by looking up the number in the phone book…who uses those anymore?!) on your cell phone, it’s quite likely that your phone will flip out and cut off your conversation. And then you have to call back and be placed on hold with THE MOST ANNOYING ON HOLD MUSIC EVER. EVER!
It wasn’t even muzak. It was like tribal music. Obnoxiously loud tribal music. So very annoying.

In retrospect, if I weren’t already annoyed with myself for breaking our modem, preventing me from my one true love: the internet, I may have found the music less grating than I did.

Um, the more I think about, I’m still not so sure. It was really annoying music.

So for 23 very long hours, we were sans the internet.
It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re not glued to a computer monitor.

I spent some time with a good book last night.
The kitchen is sparkling.
I’m caught up on laundry.

Caroline and I even had the chance to get out earlier and buy a birthday present for a party she’s invited to tomorrow.
We decided on getting the birthday girl a Webkinz. Caroline has two that she has been playing with a lot lately, so I let her pick out a new one, as well. She chose a horse for Ella and a snake for herself. MY child chose a snake! She has visions of dangling it in my face to see how loud I scream. The thing is fuzzy and kind of cute, I don’t imagine I’ll cause too much of a fuss.

We hit the Webkinz jackpot today at the Hallmark store. If you spent $15 (the price of a Webkinz) you could buy a second smaller one for $1! We bought two and got two for $1 a piece. Awesome!

It’s nice to be reconnected again.
It’s easy to forget how reliant I’ve become on the internet, that is until it is callously yanked away from me.

And it’s sort of a sad that 23 hours seems like an eternity to be without the computer.
Pathetic, I know. I never thought I was one of those high maintenance, instant gratification seekers. I guess I was wrong.

Oh well.

Reunited and it feels so good….


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