Sugar Coma

The one draw back to baking is that, for quality control purposes, I have to sample everything.
I want to put out a good product, after all.
I eat the corners, the cookies that fall apart and lick way too many beaters.
Three different recipes were made today and man am I feeling like a pig in sugar shock.

Around Christmas time I make something called Oreo truffles. The first year I made them, Craig’s co workers devoured them and asked for more. I ended up making several batches that year and one evening as Caroline and I were dipping the truffles, covered in chocolate up to our elbows, I announced that I was officially tired of chocolate.
In all honesty, I was back to my old chocolate loving self the next day, but today I’m feeling a little turned off by my tasty treats.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and Caroline’s teacher seems to really enjoy sweets, so I baked up a batch of double chocolate chunk cookies to bring into school tomorrow.

In other Teacher Appreciation Week news, I met with another mom early this morning and we decorated Mrs. Evans’ door with a big thank you sign and a basket of apples, each bearing the name of one of the kids in the class. Not the least bit artistically inclined, I muddled my way through and drew a big basket on a piece of construction paper, colored it and then taped some apple shaped cut outs I found at the Dollar Tree to look as if they were coming out of the basket.
I must give mad props to our saviour: double sided sticky tape.

Craig’s co-workers are having a Cinco de Mayo pot luck tomorrow. I’m contributing the very festive and appropriate lemon bars. Nothing screams Mexico like lemon bars.
They were actually the request of one of Craig’s fellow warrant officers and I’m always happy to oblige.
Because when I’m not busy throwing things, threatening bodily harm and insuring the police that everything is copacetic here at Casa de Smith, I really am a people pleaser.
A perfectly lovely, calm and rational people pleaser.

In other random news, it has been raining for days. I happen to like rainy days and am happy to see so much green after such a bleak winter. However, the rain wreaks havoc on my perfectly (ha!) styled hair and causes all sorts of outside playtime conflicts for the kids.
We’ve had an indoor tent set up for days. Indoor tent=mess=unhappy Alison
Caroline, ever the outdoor enthusiast, manages to sneak in some outside play when the rain calms to a sprinkle.

With all this springtime rain, I’m happy to report that I did not kill all of our outside landscaping. I was really quite fearful that I killed all of our landlord’s plants; thankfully everything is growing and is as green and lush as ever. Yay!
You have no idea what a relief this is.

It’s a good thing that my lack of ability to care for plants is not directly related to my ability to care for humans. Fish are an entirely different story (sniff, sniff….we still miss you Flip and Flop), but I’m alright at keeping the humans alive.

Speaking of the care of humans, I must go encourage Caroline to wipe off the huge smudge of chocolate she’s sporting on her chin. She helped me eat some of the broken cookie parts.

It looks like she has a soul patch!

Ugh, I just remembered my sugar coma. I think I’ll go eat some broccoli.



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