Words Every Mom Wants To Hear

“Hey mom, wanna watch me ride my scooter and roller skates at the same time?”

Uh, no thanks.

You’d think falling flat on her face and fracturing /chipping her front teeth would discourage her from trying such blatently dangerous things.
Clearly she’s fearless. Or she hasn’t learned to process the notion that there are consequences (bloody, painful consequences) to her actions.
Part of me is thankful she’s adventurous, but more of me wishes she’d put a little more thought into her actions. Cause and effect mean very little to her at this point in her life.

Oh how I wish that wasn’t true.

As it turns out, Caroline wasn’t intending to ride her scooter while in roller skates, as I initially thought. The very idea conjures up all sorts of horrific images; images that would bring us to the emergency room, breaking my long standing “no blood in the car” rule.
Instead, she just skated while wheeling the scooter around.
Harmless fun.

Except we thought sliding on a pillow was harmless.
And that, as you very well know, proved otherwise.

Right now I can rest knowing that Caroline is safely tucked into bed, no doubt planning her next daredevil move.

I think she delights in making me cringe.

I guess that means she’s doing this kid thing right.



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