The O’Reilly Factory

Just a few minutes ago Craig came into the kitchen, chuckling, and said that Caroline asked him something about watching the “O’Reilly Factory.”
It’s such a welcome treat when kids say something cute, especially when just a few minutes earlier you were restraining yourself from throttling that same child for whining about snack options.

In other unrelated and randomly selected news, I’m happy that one of Virginia’s representatives is pushing for a ban on erectile dysfunction adds between the hours of 6 am and 10pm. I’m generally a free speech kind of girl, but I’m not really ready to answer the “mom, what’s e.d.?” question. Caroline pretty much only watches Disney or Nick (and the occasional episode of The O’Reilly Factory!), but she has quite the knack for hearing things you’d rather she didn’t. She has perfected the art of NOT hearing things like “put your shoes IN the shoe basket” and “it’s time for bed” but she is quick to hear everything you wish she’d never repeat.

Like the time she was five and asked “what’s sexy back?”
Bye bye Justin Timberlake.
Sniff, I still miss you JT.

These days we only listen to the Christian station in the car, or talk radio. But I’ve found myself muting conservative talk radio on occasion.
Kids are only innocent for a short time and I’d like to prolong it as long as humanly possible.

And besides, those commercials are kind of dumb. I don’t know one single person who sits in a claw footed bathtub next to his/her spouse in their own claw footed bath tub in a meadow.
Or in the ocean.

Who comes up with these ideas?


7 responses

  1. So….what did she ask about O’Reilly?And don’t get me started about the bathtub commercials! The visual images are beautiful, but who drags bathtubs — 2 of them! — out to a field to sit in? And where do they get the water to put in them? And why 2?I want answers!!!!

  2. I know! She says in her best Monica Gellar voice.Those bathtub scenes just make absolutely no sense. It’s just stupid.I’m not really sure what she said about the O’Reilly Factory. I had it on upstairs while she was taking a bath, because even though she has her own bathroom, she prefers our bathtub, which is not outside in a meadow, by the way.She probably asked Craig if he was going to watch it….but he never watches it…so that is sort of puzzling.IDK.I flaked out and didn’t go to the gym for my Saturday morning beating. Just didn’t feel like it, which is a RARE occurance.I think I might go to Whole Foods.Blah!

  3. I use that Monica Gellar voice all the time. We certainly have many Friends-isms around here. Use them all the time…I’m sure my child will be the only kid on the playground quoting Chandler and Phoebe. I’m sure it will make her loads of friends.I forget my camera all the time, and I love taking pictures. Thanks for asking about the baby. Every time my phone rings I jump and run and hope it’s the right number telling me the baby is here. I am enjoying my lazy Saturday morning right now, typing and blogging and watching Gilmore Girls on DVD. I know that in a short amount of time my Saturday morning will not be my own, but in a good way.

  4. It’s easy to work in a Friends or Seinfeld reference into a majority of conversations. I’d totally rock the pop culture category on Jeopardy.Somewhere in Inverness, my mom just squealed with delight; she’s a Gilmore Girls FREAK and watches the DVDs all of the time.Everyone wants a Lorelei/Rory relationship. Only I’m much more of a Rory and Caroline is more like Samantha Micelli from Who’s The Boss.Loreleis are hard to come by.Enjoy your lazy Saturday. Hopefully we’ll hear of your good news soon! It would be awesome for the baby to come before Mother’s Day. What a treat that would be.

  5. Season 6 would have been a great Mother’s day present. IF I were a great daughter. Instead, I gave you nothing.Yay for you!Mother’s day will be a non event here, as well.Yay for me!Blergh.(my new word?)


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