Most Excellent News

Our landlords said they would be happy to extend our lease.

You have NO IDEA how relieved I am.

Since we only signed a 12 month lease, I fretted ALL YEAR that we might face another move this summer. Originally we thought we’d try to move onto Ft. Belvoir, but Caroline has made lots of friends and we just love her school, there’s no way we’d uproot her again. Besides, the school on Ft. Belvoir starts at 9:30am. That’s way too late; it would greatly interfere with my gym schedule.
Thanks to wonderful landlords and a crappy housing market, I’m so happy that we’re staying put in our lovely green walled townhouse.

I’ve been holding onto boxes from last July, just in case, but I’ve been bit by a major declutter bug and would love to clear out them out of the garage. I guess it’s safe to do so now.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
You see, in this family I’m a one woman moving team. Research, organizing, stressing, preparing for the packers, cleaning, stressing, unpacking, stressing, reorganizing, picture hanging, stressing, box removal.
Thankfully the Army provides the help for the packing and heavy lifting, but I take care of the rest.

The search for this house and the subsequent move in was particularly stressful. Mentally and physically. On the bright side, my quad muscles have never been so tight and sculpted, thanks to the two sets of stairs I ran up and down a zillion times.

So, here’s to a relaxing summer.

No rental property lists. No utility transferring. No first and last months rent.




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