Long Time No Blog

Well, if you consider two days a long time.
Two days without a shower is indeed a long time. So are two days without sleep, internet or television. But I could live two days without seeing a snake. Or being sick. Or mopping.

I’m in sort of a foul mood today. Months ago I found some pillows that I thought would look nice on our couch. Being ever fiscally conservative, I didn’t buy them. I’ve thought about those pillows a lot. Imagining how lovely, bright and cheerful they’d look on our couch. So I decided to bite the bullet and just buy them.
And they’re nowhere to be found.
Out of stock.
And not available online.

I’ve been obsessed with throw pillows the past few days. And I can’t find anything that I love enough to bring home. Our living room is dark. Apple green walls, brown leather furniture and one window do not add much to the brightness of the room. I haven’t a choice, however. Our landlords chose the apple green and we’re not replacing our leather furniture because I can’t find the right throw pillows.

I really want the ones I fell in love with months ago.
Why didn’t I just buy them?

Lesson learned.

I looked everywhere today. Nothing popped out. Nothing sang to me.

Totally dejected, I refocused my attention on finding a tankini bathing suit top. Because nothing says “morale booster” like bathing suit shopping.
Here’s the thing, I have a large frame. My shoulders and rib cage are broad. I’m sturdy, which is how every woman likes to be described. However, I lack the one thing that all bathing suit manufacturers assume large framed people have: the ability to fill out the front.
All I need is a plain tankini top in pink or turquoise to match a tankini skirt I have. The top that coordinates with the skirt is too big in all the wrong places.

It was a nightmare.
18 people were waiting to enter the 6 stalled dressing room at Kohls.
This one poor guy was waiting on his wife who had a very hard time making up her mind. Seriously, she must have been in there for 45 minutes. In between fetching clothes for her and offering fashion advice she solicited from him, he sat on the floor of the women’s department texting and looking slightly annoyed.

I tried on two tops and neither of them fit well.

So I gave up and came home.
Empty handed and dejected.

I drank a diet coke, vacuumed and cleaned the carpet on the stairs.

We had hopes to attend the air show at Andrews AFB today. The weather was quite iffy this morning so we opted not to go. Guess what? It’s not raining at all. We could be watching the Army Golden Knights jump out of airplanes right now.
Instead, I’m sitting at home in my not so bright and cheery throw pillow-less living room, wallowing in self pity.

Oh well.

I’m good at self pity.



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