Play Dates

In her nearly seven and a half years on this planet Caroline has never had an official play date. You know, the type you read about in parenting magazines and see on television. Happy little kids with shiny clean faces in their monogrammed frocks, being dropped off in their BMW suv by their perfectly dressed and coiffed mothers. Playing quietly and cooperatively with their equally well dressed friends in their room that resembles page 37 of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.

No mud. No screeching. No whining.

Since we’re new to the play date scene, I can only imagine that the above scenario is what truly happens. That’s how it plays out in my mind anyway.
We’re a little less formal with play around here.
A group of kids+a big mess+l0ts of snacks. That’s how it goes down around here.
Play dates for the uncivilized.

Lots of mud. Lots of screeching. Lots of whining.

I’ve never in my life used the words “play date.” While there is nothing wrong with play dates, it just seems like such a funny term. And perhaps I’m a little miffed that my kid has a busier and fuller social schedule than me.

Anyway, Caroline was invited to Ella’s house for a play date this afternoon. Caroline, always ready to play, is super excited, of course. What sends this afternoon get together over the top is that she gets to ride the bus home with Ella. This is just awesome in her book, since she’s only been on the bus for a field trip or two. It’s great that the big yellow bus provides such a magical experience for the youngsters. When she’s fifteen, she may think otherwise.

I have the whole afternoon free.
Craig is off today so we went to lunch and attempted to buy him some new summer clothes, but that didn’t go so well. So we came home.

And I proceeded to clean out the pantry.

Despite all the exciting stuff happening on the home front, Craig went to the movies.
And boy is he missing out; who doesn’t enjoy a good pantry cleaning?

I have three hours to kill before I have to pick Caroline up and nothing to do.

I suppose I should just take the opportunity to enjoy the silence; school is coming to an end and I can already predict that this summer will be long and loud.



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