There’s No Stopping It

Despite my best attempts to will it away, summer is almost here.
I guess I’m not a big fan of summer. I’m sure I enjoyed it as a kid, but now I just see it as three months of endless sweating. Three months of insanely hot cars, sweltering in the parking lot under the blazing sun. Three months of frequent leg shaving. Three months of remembering to apply and reapply sunblock. Three months of hot and sweaty neighborhood children in need of a drink and a popsicle.

The pool opened today.
We didn’t go, but Craig is taking Caroline tomorrow before he goes to work. I’m in no hurry to go, as I’m sure I’ll spend a great deal of time there once school is out. Besides, as I get older and more susceptible to wrinkles, I’d rather avoid long term exposure to the sun. A warm glow is great, but leathery alligator skin is not.

I sure do miss the carefree days. The days when consequence meant nothing. The days when I knew nothing about UVA/UVB broad spectrum rays.
Ignorance is most definitely bliss.

Instead of checking out the pool today, Craig took Caroline to the movies and I went shopping. I figure if I can’t stop summer from coming, the least I can do is buy some new summer things. If you can’t beat em, you might as well look good when you join em. It’s far better to sweat in new coffee brown bermuda shorts than in your old faded shorts you’ve been wearing for four years. A new bag and towels brighten up any trip to the pool.
Feeling rather ambitious, I even went back for more bathing suit torture enhanced cellulite inspection via three way mirror. I was much more successful today and did not leave the store feeling nearly as dejected as I did last week. In fact, after I left Kohl’s, I went to pick up some lunch. That is a huge indicator for how well bathing suit shopping went. Last week I left the store vowing to never eat again.

Tomorrow I’m taking Caroline to Target for a few things for her. She has grown SO much this past year. All her pants are highwaters and her shorts from last year are approaching Daisy Duke territory.
Please pray for me. Caroline is not a very cooperative shopper and hates trying on clothes.
She’s already moaning and groaning about the impending trip.

It’s a good thing I don’t go on this type of shopping spree very often; it’s kind of scary how quickly the bill adds up.

Oh well, atleast we’ll look nice and summery while sitting in the poor house.



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