First, I’d like to give a shout out to my pal DP, that’s diet pepsi (AND for today only, diet dr. pepper—yes, I had two) for keeping me going today. Since I had veeery little sleep last night, I’ve been lacking some fire today. I ate my usual breakfast, but didn’t imbibe any caffeine before heading to the gym. When it’s warm out, I don’t like to drink hot tea in the morning because I sweat like crazy. I really should have soldiered through and had some caffeine because I was hurting at the gym. My arms felt like jelly all through Body Pump; I just wasn’t feeling it.
After my beatingthe gym, I swung by the commissary for some fresh fruit and other things that escape me now. I could not fight the urge to purchase something bubbly and caffeinated. A cold diet dr. pepper, while admittedly horrible for me, did wonders for my well being. What’s the saying?… bad for you, but good to you. Yep, that sums up my relationship with diet soda.
I saw one of the gym instructors at the commissary today. Funny enough we were both there at the same time a few weeks ago. Thankfully she didn’t notice me the last time because perched upon the fresh produce in my cart was some diet pepsi and three cartons of ice cream. For the record, the ice cream was on sale and I had coupons, lest you get all judgey on me.
I have had an eyelash stuck somewhere beneath my eye lid all day long. I’ve tried often, and quite unsuccsessfully, to dislodge the unwelcomed lash. It’s not budging.
You must know how annoying this feels. Consequently I have one eye sporting eyeliner and mascara and one as bare as can be. People must think I’m winking at them, but in reality I’m trying to blink through the annoyance of having a foreign object in my eye. I need someone to make me cry so I can flush it out. Too bad Craig isn’t home, he’d be up to the challenge.
Maybe I’ll start pulling out nose hairs; that’ll make my eyes water.
On second thought…..I’ll just stick with winking, creepy or not.
I had to turn off the radio today because Sean Hannity literally said “literally” 47 times in 20 minutes. That was more than I could handle on a day like this.
After I chastised Hannity through the radio for the over use (and misuse) of the word, Caroline came down stairs and used “literally” in a sentence. Thankfully she used the word properly, but I couldn’t help but wonder where she picked that up.
The other day, she said another head scratcher. Since when does a seven year old say “I stand corrected.” I kid you not, my kid said “I stand corrected.” Now, she said it incorrectly, but still, where did she get that? From television probably.
Man, that eyelash is really bugging me. I’ve never had one so stubborn before.
We’re supposed to meet one of Caroline’s friends from school at the movies tomorrow. The theater is showing free kid movies during the summer and first up is The Tale of Despereaux. Since Mandy, Caroline’s friend, saw Caroline’s class play and then read the book, she was hoping to see the movie as well. They invited us to join them, but since Caroline’s pest of a fever has reappeared, I’m not sure that we’ll get to go.
We may be at the doctor tomorrow.
A couple of Craig’s coworkers got together and gave me a thank you gift for making them fat baking them goodies. They gave me a very generous gift card to Michaels. Yay, I love Michaels.

I never post pictures of me because, eww, but here’s one of me and my present. There’s nothing like material worship to bring out the photographer in me.

Now, what should I buy?

Too bad Micheal’s doesn’t sell a device that removes stubborn eyelashes from beneath your eye lid.
I could really use one of those right now.



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