A Day of Oddities

Today I was asked out for a drink AND offered a kidney in the odd chance that I might need one someday.
Evidently I figured out how to attractively style my new hair cut because I must have been looking fly as I left the gym today. Or, the guy was blind, which seems more probable. However he was driving a car, so I imagine the state of Virginia has surmised that his vision isn’t questionable.
Anyway, I left the gym, put my bag in the trunk and grabbed my purse to walk over to the grocery store for bananas and milk. As I walked my boring mom walk, praying the wind wouldn’t totally muss my freshly styled hair, some dude stopped and said, “can I ask you a question?”

“Sure” I said, thinking he needed directions.

Au contraire.

Instead he asked, “Am I too old to take you out for a drink?”

Can you believe that!?!

He looked younger than me so I couldn’t help but wonder how old he thought I was. I happened to have been wearing sunglasses, which do a good job of hiding the smile lines, so perhaps I looked younger than I am. Anyway, I told him I was married and went on my way to buy bananas.

When I returned to my car, he left me a note. The note said something about just having a “friendly drink” and perhaps some “friendly emailing”….and then he wrote, “no harm in that, right?”


As if the bake sale goodies weren’t enough (they raised over $500!) I baked Beth’s copy cat Starbucks Coffee Cake for Craig’s work mates this morning. Not to toot my own horn, and mad props to Beth, but they adored it. In fact, it was tasty enough to prompt one of the guys to offer me his kidney.
Isn’t that sweet?
I’ve never been offered a body part before; I’ve been proposed to and written into wills, but not once offered a life saving organ.

The rest of my day proved to be less eventful.

Even though I banned Caroline from McDonald’s for a few weeks after eating it three times in eight days (yikes!), she was invited to join the neighborhood girls, who were being chauferred to the nearest McD’s by Allie’s dad. With a dentist appointment looming, time was not on Caroline’s side. My immediate reaction was to say no. That’s my MO; I say no immediately and then take a few minutes to think things through to devise a workable plan. This happens to drive Craig insane.
Ever willing to find an alternate solution, we improvised. I took Caroline myself, met the girls, watched her shovel chicken nuggets down her throat at an alarming rate and then went on to the dentist appointment. I hate to deny Caroline when she is legitimately disappointed. Had she thrown a rip roaring fit, which she never does, I wouldn’t have been accomodating. Her tears weren’t manufactured and that just melts my cold black heart.

The dentist’s news was promising. Her roots, while still permantently fractured, show no sign of infection. The roots are vital, they sense cold and they haven’t discolored. All good signs.
We go back in three months for another check, but for now it doesn’t seem like she’ll need to have those dreaded root canals.
We certainly wouldn’t ever wish for our kid to bite the hardwood floors and harm her pearly whites, but for the situation we’ve been faced with, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I’m still getting that kid a mouth guard.


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  1. I do not Tweet. Can't even keep up with the blog and Facebook half the time. Plus, I don't feel the need to let people know what I am doing every single second of the day. There ought to be a little mystery!Getting hit on?? Nice.


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