Welcome To My World

So the weather was forcasted to be ugly today. Overcast, wet, stormy, rainy. Clearly, not desirable summertime weather.

It’s raining lightly now, but for most of the day it was just overcast.
Since overcast skies are not ideal for a trip to the pool we stayed home. Earlier there were six kids here playing Mario Party on the DS and then they moved downstairs to play Mario Kart on the Wii.

Two of the rugrats went home, leaving the remaining four to destroy my house. Evidently they constructed houses for their Webkinz. I overheard someone say something about getting a litter box for her Webkinz, but I didn’t investigate any further. Sometimes I’d really rather just pretend they’re not up there demolishing all of our earthly possessions.

Guilty person #1

Guilty persons #2, #3 and #4.

I kept their faces hidden to protect the innocent.

Oh, who am I kidding, they’re not innocent. They’re all hoodlums. Especially the girl in the middle. The one with her number sticker from the gym daycare still affixed to her back.
She’s the worst of them all!


2 responses

  1. They're not barstools; they're the chairs from my table that the punks dragged to the island. You know, I should get some barstools, that's a good idea. I also need a couch for our upstairs living area. We've been here a year, it's about time.Usually, the kids forgo the chairs and sit ON the island. They must have been feeling classy yesterday.


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