Lazy Saturday

Aren’t they all?

Well, mine are.

I’ve always been a hermit, but the busy Saturday traffic around here really brings out the homebody in me. I go to the gym on Saturday mornings when many are still asleep, but look forward to staying far away from the always-in-a-hurry crowd out shopping on weekend afternoons. I realize I sound like I’m 65, but I just really, really dislike traffic and crowds.

Caroline and I need to finish up her school shopping, but we’ll go sometime during the week when the store aisles aren’t filled to the brim.
I think we only need, a navy blue folder (I can find royal blue and baby blue, but no navy), a pink eraser and a green ball point pen. Oh, and a back pack, lunch box and new shoes.

Only 25 days to go!

I was talking to a lady at the gym this morning who has three kids enrolled in Catholic school. They start on August 31st. Do you think it’s too late to convert to Catholicism?

So, not only is today a lazy day, but it’s kinda quiet, as well.

I got home from the gym at 10:20 and still haven’t seen Caroline. I spoke with her on the phone, and I know she’s alive, but she hasn’t been home. She’s down the street eating lunch with her pals, Sarah and Rachel and no doubt plotting evil. Craig left for a quick run as soon as I drove up and now he’s at the movies.

So it’s just me. In my favorite reading/nap chair, with my laptop and the glorious service that is wireless internet.
I did some housekeepery things, ate some lunch and now plan to relax in my cozy chair.

I’m sure Caroline will eventually come barreling in, not using her inside voice, asking if we can go to the pool, but until then, I’ll enjoy the silence.

One of the newer girls in the neighborhood came by with her cute little black and white puppy, named Oreo. I bent down to greet Oreo and Kayleigh said, be careful, he’s a pit bull and he bites.
Great. Just what we need around here.

Kayleigh came by wondering if Caroline and the girls wanted to have a hot dog/chip/kool aid stand. Evidently they’ve all been scheming to do this, with the hopes of charging $3 a pop, since there are three items. Such lofty ideas from these budding capitalists.
Since spring time the girls have been planning a big lemonade stand to be held in front of the pool. They secured permission from the HOA board, since two of the girl’s mom is on the board. The lemonade stand has been postponed due to inclement weather, illness, vacation and various kids being grounded. Last week I crushed their hopes and plans because it was 95 degrees and I didn’t want to sit in front of the pool, baking and then melting into a puddle of sweat, while they tried to sell lemonade. Also, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea and not solely because the idea of selling things makes me nauseous. I know they received special permission, but in reality people are not supposed to solicit in front of the pool house. I didn’t want to be in a position where I’d have to explain ourselves, when in actuality, we’re not even members of the HOA. We’re renters; our landlords pay the fees so we can use the pool.
My timidity over ruled the demands of the girls with dollar signs in their eyes. I really had a bad feeling about it, so I put the kibosh on the plans. They were crushed, but moved the stand to our street and were just fine.

I asked Craig if he thought I was being unreasonable. He said yes.
He was probably right; atleast partially. But, I can’t imagine him supervising the event, so who knows.
I carried around a lot of guilt that day.
Heh, what else is new.

As of now, the street remains quiet, so I’m not sure if the hot dog stand idea will be a winner today. I hope not; we don’t have any hot dogs, chips or kool aid.

Speaking of hot dogs, Caroline ate her first one about a month ago. Craig and I aren’t particularly fond of them. We’ll eat them, but don’t crave them. I can’t think of the last time I bought hot dogs; five years, maybe. Caroline, a definite picky eater, has always seemed slightly afraid of them. Unless the meat she is ingesting is chicken, and ONLY in the form of a nugget, she’s not interested. She went to a neighborhood party and tried a hot dog. And liked it.
Or so she says. She hasn’t asked for another one, but she ate it and didn’t die. I guess that’s a victory of sorts. Not that I really want her to include hot dogs as one of her favorite foods.

It’s just nice to see her have some variety in her diet. You know, I can’t complain too much because, sure she won’t eat a hamburger, but she’ll eat cauliflower and broccoli without complaint. And then ask for seconds.

OK, I think it’s time to close the computer, open my book and promptly fall asleep.

I really do love my napping chair.



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