You’ve Got Me St-St-Staring At the Ceiling

That title makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I’ve got a song from Body Pump stuck in my head and that is one of three lines that have been on auto replay in my brain all morning. I hate when that happens. Don’t leave me with the light on. Sorry, that’s the second of three lines stuck in my head. It’s going to be a long day if this keeps up.

You know, it’s nearing 3pm and the day has been most uninteresting. Caroline is out with her friends collecting their free books for reading 8 (or is it 5?) books this summer. It’s a program offered by Barnes and Noble. Or Books A Million. Or Borders. I can’t remember which, but still, a free book is a free book. As you know, I’m, ahem, cheap and almost never buy books. I do like the books from the Scholastic fliers sent home from school, because they are really affordable, but otherwise, I’m strictly a library girl. I had a conversation with Caroline’s teacher last year and she said that she never uses library books. She prefers to buy them and be the sole user. I can understand, in a way, especially when you think of all the germy fingers that have flipped through the pages of a library book. Who knows the hygiene practices of the library card holder. Ew, I’ll try not to think about that anymore because I don’t want to tarnish my positive feelings towards the public library system.
So, I see her point, but it appears that my cheapliness overrides my germaphobiness. I read a lot; books aren’t cheap. Therefore the library wins. She says as she quickly locates the closest bottle of hand sanitizer in the house.

Yikes, I just saw lightening. So much for a trip to the pool today. The morning started out sunny, but the dark clouds moved in as I drove home from the gym. The rain came around noon, but left quickly. Looks like it’s going to make a repeat appearance. Rachel, Caroline’s friend, is very scared of lightening and thunder. She’d never make it in the southeast. She’d be under her bed with ear plugs in her ears every afternoon during the summer months.
Caroline’s a tough chick and doesn’t seemed phased; she’s been fully indoctrinated into the thunder club after living in Georgia for 3.5 years. She is, however, quite easily annoyed when the power goes out during a thunder storm. Priorities, people. Priorities. What good is an afternoon summer storm when you have to sit in the dark without television. Television makes a good storm great. We’re not high maintenance women, but we do not like to be inconvenienced by the lack of electricity. We would make lousy pioneer women.

This summer when we traveled to historic sites like Colonial Williamsburg and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, I was awestruck by the beauty of the old buildings. The Governor’s mansion in Williamsburg was beautiful and so regal looking, especially on the inside. But as regal as it appeared….the occupants didn’t have running water. And they had to use an outhouse. Somehow these facts lower the regality rating in my book. I’m no diva, but I do have an unabashed appreciation for indoor plumbing and a hot water heater.

It’s really starting to storm now; I should power down the computer before thunder fries it. We had that happen in Maryland, and it’s no joke.

When you hear a crackle and a sizzle coming from your computer after lightening strikes, don’t be surprised when your computer is unresponsive to your attempts to power it up.

Ha, the power just went out. I forgot that I was typing on the laptop. Hooray for battery power.
The power was only out for a minute, but now my microwave clock says it’s 6:00 pm. Don’t clocks usually flash 12:00 when the power comes back on?

We’re so backwards.


2 responses

  1. I have the best of both worlds when it comes to books. I buy the books for the library, but read them BEFORE the kids get their germy hands on them. I also have a wonderful used book store that I frequent, and probably only one or two other people have touched that book, which I figure is less than the library. But, I must confess, the local library is about a mile away and I do go there on occasion. But right now, I owe a fine. Sad, I know. I return the books, I just return them late. Bad librarian.

  2. Just like Hannah Montana…the best of both worlds. Now I'll have that song stuck in my head, great! I LOVE that you can renew books online, which makes my life so much easier. It always grosses me out when I see stains on library books. You know, when it looks like a previous reader was eating Cheetos while reading.


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