And Now, The Day We’ve I’ve Been Waiting For

Someone in this house is REALLY happy that it’s the first day of school.

Nope, not her.

Yep, I think it’s this weirdo.

I had a hard time trying to conceal my excitement when I came home to an empty house after the gym. Sure I love that kid of mine, but well, I just heart school. Besides, as I so eloquently tell Caroline, you have to go to school because you don’t want to be stupid. Perhaps I should work on my choice of words, but she knows what I mean.
Actually, she was pretty excited.

Who wouldn’t be? The first day of school is so much fun.

Despite an unfortunate failure to use conditioner last night, resulting in some seriously fluffy hair, Caroline was up and ready for school quite early. We didn’t have to bark at her once to eat her breakfast in a timely manner, but I’m sure that’s just due to the excitement of the day. Tomorrow, we will, without a doubt, holler at her no less than twelve times to eat. And chew. And then we’ll threaten to turn the tv off eleven times.

As usual, I had a heck of a time taking her picture this morning. She’s less than enthusiastic and it’s rainy and the house was DARK. I did my best and even ran into the coffee table, banging up my ankle pretty good, to get a few obligatory shots in.

Sniff, she’s getting so big.
Eh, I’ll get over that. Right now, it’s party time….and we all know how much I love a good party.

Huh, I somehow managed to turn a post about CAROLINE’S first day of school into a post all about ME.


3 responses

  1. I love the pictures of you! I know you had fun taking them, and enjoying that alone time. I ended up coming home with a temperature today, not a high one, but I wasn't off meds and hadn't been clear of a fever for 24 hours. Then it went back up this morning at school. So I am at home, in bed, watching West Wing dvds and messing around on the internet. I love Ainsley Hayes.Oh, and your hair looks all glossy and shiny. Wish mine did that.

  2. Sorry you're still sick, but watching tv and surfing the internet in bed is a fun way to spend the afternoon. Hopefully your fever will break soon so you can get back to work. I like West Wing, but I always felt kind of dumb when watching it. They talked too fast for my little brain to keep up. I can keep up with Lorelei and Rory, but keeping up with the content on West Wing was a little more of a struggle.I like the name Ainsley.PS–I use some Pantene conditioner for Brunettes, perhaps that's the reason for my shiny hair. Or maybe it's because Craig puts a raw egg in my food bowl. Or, maybe not.:)

  3. I am home again today. Yup. Still sick. I have to admit, the WW really rounded out my education on what the president does. I mean, I know it was written from a Hollywood slant, but they did have real government advisors, and it really does show how hard they have to work to make all sides happy. The president can't just decide he wants something and tell people; so many people have to agree. It's a wonder anything gets accomplished when so many people have their own agendas. Owning the dvds makes it easier to feel smart, cause I can rewind when they go too fast. And they do talk fast. Pantene makes my hair frizz, but you're the third person with shiny hair to tell me you use Pantene.


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