A Woman of Unextravagant Taste

Back in the good old days, aka when we lived in Hawaii, Craig and I found ourselves spending some time down in Honolulu at the Ala Moana Shopping Center. I’m not sure why we were at that particular establishment, as it’s kind of swanky, and we’re hardly swanky people. Anyhow, we were at the Ala Moana Shopping Center for an undetermined reason and we happened upon the newly opened Neiman Marcus store.

As I stated before, we’re not swanky people. We don’t shop at Neiman Marcus. However, we must have been bored, so we went in. As soon as I saw a male sales associate wearing a very nicely tailored suit, I knew we weren’t in Sears anymore. It’s safe to assume that you cannot buy jeans, a television, steel toed work boots, a refrigerator and a riding lawn mower all in one trip to Neiman Marcus.

Despite being completely out of our element, it was fun to see the neatly displayed yet disgustingly expensive items on display. It was a look, but don’t touch kind of experience.

Down on the lower level near the jewelry and make up counter I broke the “don’t touch” rule and picked up a lovely candle.

That lovely candle cost $70.

That’s when I knew we most certainly did not have any business gracing Neiman Marcus with our simple and humble presence any longer.

$70 for a candle!
For a hunk of scented wax!

Here I go again with a long lead in….

See, I’m a girl with simple tastes. I’ll probably never own a Coach purse or drive a luxury car. So long as I have a good pair of running shoes and name brand soda, I’m happy with clearance priced items in every other area of my life.
I do love candles, but I’m being very honest when I tell you that my favorite candle in the whole entire world is made by Glade.

Cheap Glade candles; the kind you buy in the grocery store.

Glade candles in the apple cinnamon scent = Heaven.

I like Yankee Candles very much, but if I’m doing the buying, I’m quite happy with Glade. The aroma permeates through the house and the warm spicy scent is the epitome of home to me: Inviting, warm and welcoming.

With that being said, I veered off course yesterday and along with my stand by apple cinnamon purchase, a bayberry spice candle also found it’s way into my cart. I had a $1.50/2 coupon to use and felt like walking on the wild side.

I’m not normally so open to variety in my candle buying ventures, but I was suddenly struck with the memory of having a bayberry spice candle when we lived in Hawaii. Although that candle was white and this one is green; I hope the scent hasn’t changed.

Suddenly everything is coming full circle, here with the Neiman Marcus/Hawaii talk. Yes? Or no. It’s okay, I don’t really have a point to all this candle talk. I just happen to have some time to waste while Caroline is at swimming lessons. My neighbor volunteered to drive her (her two girls are in the class, too) because she’s going to swim while the girls are in their lesson. Also, I think she feels guilty for always dumping her kids on me. Not that she’s really dumping them, but it seems like they’re here an awful lot. It’s all good…
Anyway, I accepted her offer with gratitude because I have big birthday cake baking plans to tend to. Am I the only one that bakes her own cake? Actually I’m baking it, saving a slice for Caroline and me for tomorrow and sending the rest to work for Craig and his co workers.


I’m waiting until after Thanksgiving to pull out the bayberry spice candle, since it’s a “holiday” scent and I’m loathe to start the holidays too early. I hope, upon the candle’s initial lighting, I’ll be swept away to that carefree time we spent in Hawaii.

Pardon me as I wax nostalgic; I’m longing for the good old days; probably because my birthday is quickly approaching and I was so young back in those Hawaii days.

Young, perky Alison.

Well, young; I’ve never been particularly perky.

Not even in my ill advised middle school cheerleading days.


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  1. Yellow cake with browned butter cream cheese frosting, garnished with toffee bits and salty cashews.It looks tasty, but it sure is UGLY.That' ok. It's not a beauty contest.I PROMISE I'll email you tomorrow about our meet up. I'll definitely drive to you. So don't worry.:)


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