Meet Ebony.
Ebony is my trusty side kick in the kitchen; my right hand man machine. I’ve been wanting to name my stand mixer for quite a while, since we’re quite the team and I’ve grown quite attached to her, but I was having trouble coming up with a fitting name. Ruby was my first instinct, but I’m a literal sort of girl and couldn’t name a non-red appliance Ruby. I could have named her anything, like Lulu or Sandy, but again, I’m pretty literal and wanted to use her shiny black paint as a reference point. So, Ebony it is.

It could be worse, you know. Caroline and her friends are the least creative when it comes to naming their Webkinz. When Caroline brought home a black poodle Webkinz and wanted to name it Blackie, I suggested we find a more creative name, instead. Besides, Bailey, Caroline’s friend already named her black poodle, Blackie. I suggested Hallie, as a play on Halloween, but Caroline went with Halloweena, instead.
I tried.

So Ebony and I have done a lot of bonding lately. Bake sales, birthdays, cakes for Craig’s co-workers and the usual weekly goodies have kept Ebony spinning and Land O Lakes butter in business. I’m glad I have her; it’s hard to think that I spent the first 11 years of marriage making cookies by hand.

Ebony has spoiled me and I hope that she’ll remain a part of our family for years to come.

Most brides these days register for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and are lucky to find one wrapped in festive wedding paper and placed on the gift table amidst towels, picture frames and, well…whatever it is you might receive as a wedding present.

I really haven’t a clue; as you know, I sort of skipped over all that traditional wedding stuff.

I, on the other hand, eschewing tradition, secured my Ebony the old fashioned way; I ordered her on Amazon.

From the moment she entered my life, I’ve been a happier and better baker.
Ebony and I were pretty busy yesterday; I was asked to bake a four layer chocolate cake for one of Craig’s co-workers. She even paid me money! Compared to the first layered chocolate cake I made, this one came out really nicely and only a *little* bit lopsided. I should make up business cards that say “Lopsided, by Alison.” Catchy, eh?

One day, when I grow up, I’ll manage to make the sides all smooth. Must. Keep. Practicing.

Feeling the need to unleash my inner Martha, I even decorated the box with festive fall leaves and some shimmery ribbon.

It was a busy day in the kitchen, indeed. With the exception of preparing the yearly Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve never done so many dishes in my entire life.

Chocolate buttercream is messy.
So is chocolate ganache.
As evidenced by the Jackson Pollack imitation I attempted on my shirt.

We keep Spray ‘n Wash in business.


3 responses

  1. Wait til you meet my mixer. Just you wait. It made a pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes today and was very proud of itself indeed. It does not have a name, though. Maybe someday.


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