The Snowy Day

Our back porch:

Craig’s pull up bar that he made and attached to the bottom of our deck.
I took the picture through the screen, so that would explain the fuzziness.

Our newest ornament; the one I ordered with Caroline’s artwork on it:

Aromatherapy. Glade. Apple Cinnamon.

“Classic literature”

Christmas music. Yes, I use a cheapy alarm clock for my radio listening pleasure. Hey, it works. Most of the time.

Afternoon snacks.

Homemade biscotti.

One more picture, because they’re so pretty.

And yes, I have a tea collecting problem.

The Abominable Snow Girl.

Pink cheeks!

Frosty hair!

Unphotogenic chicken and dumplings, minus the even more unphotogenic dumplings.


Chicken and dumplings is a labor of love.

Look how deep the snow was on our deck.

The Morning After the Snowy Day.

More shoveling.

Snow plows!

This is the pile of snow that has collected at the edge of our driveway.

Off to go sledding….


3 responses

  1. Love all the photos.I am so glad we managed to get our school day in so we don't have to make it up. We ended up with a half day on Friday, so it counts! And we got out early to start break. Yippee!

  2. Your snow started on Friday, didn't it? I'm glad you had an early day; what a great way to start Christmas break. Caroline goes until Wednesday at 1:20 pm. It's fine for us since we're not traveling, but for those who are, the vacation start time cuts it a little close. Christmas Eve is their first full day off.Being holed up is kind of fun, since we weren't running low on groceries or anything like that.If we ran out of diet coke, bread or toilet paper, I might not express the same sentiment.


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