One Last Birthday Post

Just one more post, I promise!

Over the years, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a bunch of pictures as Caroline devours her birthday cake/cupcake. The tradition didn’t really take off until she was 3, but we have fun with it. The pictures have gotten progressively more goofy over the years, and sadly Caroline isn’t as cooperative as she used to be, so who knows how long the tradition will continue. I’m not thrilled with this years batch of cake pictures; hopefully next years will turn out better.

We didn’t go digital until Caroline was two, so I dug out some prints and scanned the first two, which would explain the poor quality.
You’ll also notice that Caroline’s first birthday was the only birthday in which she was not very enthusiastic about her cake. Let’s face it, the girl loves cake.

Wonder where she got that from?

WARNING: Reader will be subjected to some VERY messy faces. Oh, who am I kidding, my kid always has a messy face. EVEN when I tell her to wash it. Even AFTER she washes it; it’s still dirty!!! Obviously, we’re having some sort of communication disconnect.









Mmmmm, cake.

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  1. That was our housing area at Ft. Gordon, GA. I actually was the sign chick for about a year. It was fun, but the sign started to warp and the letters fell all the time. I had to tape them and it got annoying.Our current subdivision is connected to two other subdivisions; one of them has a sign like that too. It's fun.Have a good weekend!


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