My Apologies in Advance

because this post is going to be utterly ridiculous.

It’s been a pleasant day so far; I woke up a bit earlier than usual to get goodies together for Craig to bring to work. Yesterday I planned on baking butterscotch cream cheese swirl bars (ha, I typed butters crotch!) and my favorite double chocolate chunk cookies (with pb and milk chocolate chips instead of the chunks). After I had the goodies prepared (for the most part), Craig called, informing me that it was “birthday celebration day” at their work Thursday; that’s when they celebrate all the birthdays throughout the month. Apparently someone was going to bring bakery cupcakes in, but Craig told them that I had planned on baking some goodies. He called to see if I could make extra. Why should his fine co workers be subjected to inferior bakery products when they have ME to prepare fresh, home baked goodies.
At the time of Craig’s call, my goodies were in various stages of preparation and my baking pantry supplies are quite limited, so I said I couldn’t make more of what I was planning, but I could scrounge through my ingredients and make an extra item. Enter double chocolate chess bars.

I’ve been trying to whittle down my baking items stash, which at one time took up an awful lot of pantry shelf space, since I won’t be baking much for the next six months or so. Besides the flour and sugar staples, I’m down to half a bag of white chocolate chips, a bag of caramels, a couple ounces of unsweetened chocolate and a brownie mix.

Oh and a random can of cherry pie filling, which puzzles me. I have NO idea why I bought it.
I don’t even like cherry pie filling.

This is where it gets ridiculous.

I took a picture of my oatmeal this morning.

I read a lot of food/healthy living blogs and many of the blog authors eat oatmeal for breakfast quite regularly. Since they operate food blogs, they take pictures of these epic oatmeal creations they concoct and post them on their blogs. I guess I felt like being a food blogger this morning because, for no apparent reason, I took a picture of my bowl.

It’s oatmeal, mixed with chia seeds (because I want a green grass-like substance to grow in my belly) topped with a sliced banana, some granola and a drizzle of maple syrup. It was really very tasty.
In retrospect, I should have used a prettier bowl, but I didn’t think about snapping a picture until after it was made.

Thursday is hooky-from-the-gym-day. Instead, I spend three hours at Caroline’s school performing a variety of tasks: stuffing the Thursday folders, helping in the classroom with reading and writing, doing busy work for the teacher and last, but not least, eating lunch with Caroline.

I like that I’m available to help and I really do enjoy it. Especially since it really does mean a lot to Caroline and you’re only a cool mom for so long before you suddenly become a major embarrassment to your child. I honestly prefer to do busy work, like making copies, cutting things, taping work to the wall. I excel at busy work. However, I have trouble with the paper cutter; I think it’s made for lefties.

I must admit that on some Thursday mornings, my attitude isn’t as sunny as it should be.

I dislike helping with “guiding reading” time because the kids don’t listen to me and are generally interested in everything else BUT doing what the teacher asked of us.

Sometimes the kids leave me feeling like pounding my head.

Sometimes they leave me crying “whhhyyy!?!” As in, “why won’t you sit still and read?!?”

And other times they are complete angels and cooperate fully, leaving me feeling guilty for not wanting to go in the first place.

Um, yeah…you don’t have to say anything. I already know what you’re thinking.





6 responses

  1. Let me just say that as a teacher, we love it when parents come to help, even if it's just for three hours. It's a break of any kind that is so valuable. And a paper cutter made for lefties…interesting.

  2. Sissy, I do love to help. Caroline's teacher is so wonderful and very appreciative of any help the parent's offer. I'm sure the paper cutter isn't for lefties, specifically, but for some reason I have trouble using it when I'm trying to have exact measurements. It seems backwards to me.But, maybe I'm the backwards one.


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