Sleeping In = Never a Good Idea

Because when you sleep in until 9am, when you usually wake around 7, it’s inevitable that, come bedtime, you will not be able to fall asleep at a normal time.

12:30 am is not a normal bedtime for me.

Not too surprisingly, I arose this morning tired, cranky and wishing I hadn’t slept in so late yesterday.

Lesson learned.

In other news, I made the first step towards actually changing the dead battery in Craig’s car. I’ve been talking about it for awhile; I even watched a You Tube video; and yet, the car is still sitting in the parking lot. Powerless. Useless.

But, not for long, I do declare. I actually bought the new battery today. Those jokers aren’t cheap. It’s a good thing I’m saving on the labor by doing it myself.

I’m nothing if not cheap.

It’s a beautiful day outside, albeit pretty breezy, and I had every intention of changing the battery this afternoon, BUT, Mondays are half days and Caroline and her friends are all outside.
I don’t work well with an audience. I do not like nosy little faces all up in my business. You can tell them to leave you alone and tell them to hush when they ask if you’re done yet on a continuous loop, but those are just words. They don’t listen. They don’t care. They step back 1/2 an inch and claim they moved. They make idle chatter with each other. They ask too many questions.

Clearly, I never wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

To save my sanity and prolong this experience even further, I’m going to wait until I can do it in peace.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Not even 30 minutes after I published this post, the thought of just getting it done kept eating at me. Caroline and friends were inside the house, holding some sort of smackdown wrestling event, so I snuck out through the garage and changed the battery. The kids didn’t even notice.
Because I’m a good blogger, I documented the whole event.

I’ll share the pictures soon.


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