Classic vs. Speckled

The other day I encountered a blog post that considered the merits of each holiday’s unique candy offerings. This is my type of thinking….politics and current events are indeed important, but have the potential to incite contentious debate. Candy is nothing but happiness. How could anyone not want to talk about candy? Unless you’re one of those weirdos that doesn’t like candy. The very idea of not liking candy is a foreign concept to me. Likewise, I never trust anyone, and feel a fair amount of pity for, those who claim to not like chocolate.

As if that’s even possible.

If it’s chocolate coated, filled with nougat and/or potentially harmful to the fillings in your teeth, I’m game. With the exception of chocolate covered cherries and black licorice.
I do have my limits.

The author of the blog candy conversation claimed that Easter has the best candy. Aside from marshmallow Peeps, I’m inclined to agree. I used to really like those Cadbury creme eggs, you know, the ones in the commercial with the clucking bunny. They’re a little too sweet for me these days, but I do remember then fondly.

I’m a big fan of jelly beans. An old Easter candy stand by.

I know you can buy jelly beans any time of the year, but there is something special, and dare I say it….magical about Easter time jelly beans. All the joys of childhood compressed into a chewy, waxy, candy coated bean of jelly goo.

In the past week and half I’ve purchased two bags of jelly beans: classic jelly bird eggs and the speckled variety.

After spending way too much time taste testing the two varieties, because it’s blatantly obvious that I have too much time on my hands, I’ve determined that I like speckled jelly bird eggs better than their classic counterpart. And why, you must be wondering? Well, the speckled beans are softer; still chewy, but softer at the same time. I found the classic version to be harder and jaw-hurting chewier.

Clearly this was not a scientific experiment.

Also, the bag of the classic version includes black jelly beans. I do not like black jelly beans. Not on a train. Not on a plane. Not ever. If Craig were here, this would be a moot point because, despite his many endearing qualities, he likes black jelly beans. Since Craig and his questionable tolerance for nasty black licorice is not here, I had to throw away a good portion of the vile black beans. I couldn’t stand the thought of them tainting the rest of the bag.
My love for jelly beans is boundless, but I would be remiss if I did not include the ultimate Easter candy: Cadbury mini eggs.

Yes, I have seven bags of mini eggs in my pantry. I’ve accrued quite a stash, but I’ve only eaten one bag so far. I’m rationing them; saving them for dire circumstances.

Now, if only I can get Caroline to forget they’re there, I’ll be good to go.


4 responses

  1. Yo mama likes the black ones too. And Good N Plenty. I actually bought a little bag of Cadbury mini eggs the other day. Oh my yum.I also like the softer speckled beans. And I like Peeps…only if they're hardened.And Cadbury creme eggs! Haven't had one in years…

  2. See, Easter candy IS the best.Those mini eggs are majorly awesome. I actually saw a whole bag of black jelly bird eggs at the store….ewww.Going to see the cherry blossoms today!


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