Goin’ Green

I’m not the trendiest person. I haven’t gone gung-ho crazy for the “green” movement and I generally eschew suggestions by others, especially vapid celebrities, to reduce, recycle and reuse, etc.

Nevertheless, with spring in the air, green has made a comeback.

In many forms.

Green smoothies

Green on the outside

Kale and brussels sprouts. No I’m not weird. And yes, they’re both tasty.

This goes without saying

Green door. Green walls.

Grassy, hairy plant things that pop up every year.

Green and green.

Weeds. Weeds I need to pull.

Big trees


Green car.
Green car with a light coating of yellow pollen. Green car with scrape down the side thanks to some hoodlums in the neighborhood.

Green shirt.

Sigh, it looks like I don’t have a waist in this picture. I assure you that I most certainly do have a waist.

Green peeking from behind the pink blooms.

NOT green, but not negotiable. These are a NEED with all the blooms and pollen in the air.

And, because I ran out of “green” pictures, here is a pretty tulip.

I like tulips.


2 responses

  1. They're Puffs. And on a side note,Caroline had to bring a cube/square tissue box to school, sans tissues, but I sent the tissues, figuring they'd use them eventually. She ended up bringing a whole wad of tissues home and they were so soft. I bought the cheapy ones, because they only needed the box. Somehow she came home with the good kind.You know, I didn't even know PW did a green photography series! Guess I'm with it, even when I'm not.Happy friday!


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