Soccer Saturday

It’s that time again: spring soccer time. Which brings with it, soccer Saturday. Caroline’s team, the Bengal Tigers had a bye last week, so as you can imagine, the girls were all itching to let the games begin.

Caroline enjoys actually playing soccer, but above all else, I think she enjoys the social aspect much more. She chats with her friends, runs around a bit and then gets a snack at the end. In the words of my beloved Ina Garten, how bad could that be?

Yesterday, the weather was in the mid 80s; a bit on the warm side. At game time today (noon), the temperature was around 60. Perfect soccer weather….so long as you don’t mind wind gusts near 20mph. Yep, it was a little breezy. That’s okay; we were ready to cheer on the Tigers today, no matter how wind blown our hair might end up.

She’s fascinated by dandilions. What 8 year old girl isn’t?

Caroline loves playing goalie. I’m convinced it’s because less running is involved in the goaltending position. No matter the reason, goalie is not a favorite among many of the other girls on the team, so Caroline spent half the game in the net.

Jazz hands!

Don’t want to pull a hammy.

Caroline loves her soccer team, but honestly, she’s much more captivated by her teammate, Alexa’s, twin baby brother and sister. When Caroline wasn’t on the field, she was held captive by the smiling faces of 8 month old Lily and Carter.

This is my favorite. These are girls who were scheduled to play after our game. Clearly they found a way to occupy their time.

The game ended in a 2-2 tie, but the best part, of course, is the post game snack.

Gatorade and brownies!



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