Pictures of A Random Nature: Part Three

Usually I complain about having nothing to do; this week, as I learn to be the mom of three for a few hours after school, I have more to do than I could ever wish for. I suppose having two charges after school isn’t much different than inviting the neighborhood into my home every day BUT if there is ever a problem or emergency, I can send friends home. I can’t send Jason and Jonathan home.

Since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had much time to devote to the blog.
Instead of nothing, I thought I’d post a few pictures I took this weekend.

It all started with a suggestion from one of Caroline’s soccer coaches.; she said that since Caroline is a blossoming soccer goalie, we should purchase some goalie gloves. And that’s what we did. However, positioned very near the soccer gear were shiny new skateboards. The skateboards must have been calling Caroline’s name, as shiny new merchandise is apt to do, because as I posted earlier in the week, Caroline bought one. She used her own money, a whole $9, because I didn’t want anything to do with that guaranteed-emergency-room-visit-on-wheels.

She started out tamely enough, navigating the board-of-probable-injury on her belly. Belly boarding I can handle; what happened next still leaves me a little shaky. Like those drawings of the evolution of man, Caroline went from belly to feet in no time at all.

Not long after, she learned her first trick: the flip your upside down board over with your feet and land on top.

I should return the too small knee pads and get her some better fitting ones. At least she’s wearing a helmet! Can’t call me *totally* negligent.

My burgeoning dare devil doesn’t risk life and limb solely on the skateboard. Nope, the whole world is her playground. Or more specifically, the playground at her school is her playground. Um, whatever.

There was climbing. And hanging. And swinging.

There was talk of blisters on her palms,

and “milkshake” practice.

She buffed up with pull ups

And chin ups

and stared off into the distance where kids from the adjacent neighborhood were jumping on their trampoline.

Lots of staring.

A sly wave to get their attention…to no avail.

Oh well.

And finally, remember my budding azaleas (or whatever they are?)

They bloomed!

Who is that peeking through the pretty pink blooms?

It’s evil watch bunny.

My landlords must have placed him in the bushes, but I promise he doesn’t bite. Although, those beady, pupil-less eyes might lead you to think otherwise.

One response

  1. I love the picture of Caroline flipping over the skateboard with just a helmet on and the boy behind her doing nothing but covered in padding from head to toe! What a little dare devil she is!-Jen 🙂


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