The good thing about having a kid is that even when they transfer the chocolate from their arm to your bed coverlet TWICE in one week, accidentally use your toothbrush and get paint all over the floor, they often do things to make you smile.

Last night Caroline was struck with the idea to make a list of all her Webkinz. She worked intently for over an hour. I was a list maker as a kid, too. I still make lists, but they’re not very detailed, which isn’t very consistent with my Type A personality. I guess I have to slack off somewhere. Anyway, as a kid I made similar lists. I also spent a great deal of time listing the names I’d like to name all of my future children some day. As a 12 year old, having 5 kids seemed like a good idea. It’s funny how things change over time. I also used to try and list all 50 states in alphabetical order without skipping any.

I wasted a lot of paper as a kid.

Anyway, I caught a glimpse of Caroline’s Webkinz list and just smiled.

Previously, Caroline spelled it “imfarmation” but I guess she decided to go all fancy and add the “ph.” Maybe she’ll name her next Webkinz Jennipher?

It took me a few seconds to figure out what “Goton” was, but I quickly determined that it was Got On, as in the date she acquired the Webkinz.

I don’t know why this amused me so much, but it did.

I think part of me is feeling a little nostalgic now that the school year is coming to a close. Second grade has been so much fun; Caroline’s teacher is really wonderful. Third grade is harder, especially with the addition of the state assessment tests. Third graders seem so big and it’s hard to swallow the fact that my (quasi) innocent little person won’t be little for much longer. Heck, she’s not physically little AT ALL, but she’s still eager and sweet.

Things like this make me really sad that second grade is ending soon.

I doubt any cool third grader would be caught dead gluing a tissue onto a poem about sniffles.

And here’s this story Caroline co wrote with a classmate

“I don’t have wepins!”

Someday she’s going to spell everything correctly and while I’m glad, I’m also a little sad.

Wow, am I a Debbie Downer today, or what? I was in a bummer kind of mood yesterday, too. Although I think yesterday’s sour mood had more to do with the fact that I had a horrendous hair day.

Really. It was awful.

I also ate nearly half a bag of tortilla chips, which added a level of self loathing to the mix. And fullness.

Perhaps today will be better. Just so long as I stay away from the tortilla chips.


3 responses

  1. I agree. It's so fun reading the writings of 2nd graders. It's pretty fun trying to figure out what word they're trying to write.Adults with bad spelling is no good; I'm also terribly opposed to texting language. ESPECIALLY "ur". Ack, that annoys me to pieces. How hard is it to add those two extra letters?Sheesh./grumpy

  2. I text in complete sentences, which I know maybe isn't cool to the younger generation! Charlie will text me "love u2" and I laugh about Bono all the time.


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