Kids Are Strange

Kids are strange.

Especially when they construct a cast/sling get up with a fabric belt, paper and packing tape.

Can’t forget the foot cast.

Kids are strange, for sure. But, they’re cute, too.

And diabolical.

And quirky.

Remenbered? Remembered, maybe?

For those who don’t hang with the elementary school aged crowd, Silly Bandz are the new thing. They’re so popular that a full display of Silly Bandz at Toys R Us on Saturday morning was completely empty this afternoon.

They’re bracelets, much like the jelly bracelets I wore as a kid, but they come in different shapes.



Texas Longhorns? At least they’re not burnt orange in color; that might upset the Texas A&M fans out there.

Anyway, the box Caroline covered with packing tape (?) has been delegated for Silly Bandz containment purposes. She claims she wants to keep them FOREVER so she can show her own kids how awesome Silly Bandz are. I suppose that’s where the “remenbered 5-22-10″ comes into play. For memory preservation.

Quirky? Yes. Strange? Yep, a little.

Or….a lot.

Or maybe it’s just MY kid?


But her strangeness could also be attributed to the fact that her mother isn’t always of sound mind, either.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Just so you know, those were my yay it’s the first day of school” pictures I took back in September. I’d hate for you to think I take goofy pictures of myself for no reason at all. Because that would be odd.

And I’m never odd.

Nope. Never.

4 responses

  1. Those silly bandz are driving the teachers crazy. As if we needed one more thing for the kids to fight over and take from each other! I had a kid burst into tears today because he lost one. OMG. It is too much.

  2. Oh I know! So many of the teachers have banned them from class. I can't blame them; they're really distracting.Caroline was stuck in a serious trading quandry the other day and it was all very intense. And ridiculous. She has a glow in the dark sun that someone gave her; a friend offered her two for that glow in the dark sun and she will not budge. I don't get it.


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