I Have A Secret Admirer

Actually, my admirer is not a secret, lest you think I’ve been conducting myself in an unbecoming manner. My neighbor, Cindy, gave me these flowers yesterday to say thanks for running with her daughter in the Girls on the Run 5k on Sunday.

Wasn’t that sweet?

I honestly had such a fun time being a buddy runner and certainly did not expect anything in return. Sure, I got up at 5 am and got stuck in horrible parking lot traffic, got soaking wet in the rain and couldn’t locate my car in the parking lot afterward. But, it was all SO much fun.
Still, I sure do appreciate her thoughtful gift. I do love flowers.
I’m no girlie girl, but flowers have an uncanny way of brightening my day.
The aroma of those lovely pink roses, wafting through my house right now, is intoxicating. And, it almost makes up for the foul mood I’m in due to the fact that my living room is currently tangled up in a yarn spider web. It could be worse, I know. And on the bright side, I’m getting proficient at ducking under the yarn to get where I need to be. It’s a little a lot annoying, but I appreciate all the extra agility training I’m receiving in the meantime.
Hey, I knew this was bound to happen. What really frightens me now is that we had to purchase yellow yarn yesterday and after Caroline used a foot long piece to complete her stitchery project, we have a zillion yards left.

This doesn’t bode well for me or my house.



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